Fuchsia and black

How pretty is this skirt? It’s coated neoprene to resemble leather with this gorgeous lace detail, I am totally obsessed with it but I was waiting for the right time to wear it. It’s been too hot for me to wear a white button down with it which was my first idea but when 1.STATE …

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Powder blue skirt and sneakers

Hi y’all! Happy Monday! I was going to post this tomorrow, but my sister nagged me into posting this today- I hope I haven’t been too casual lately – please let me know what types of outfits you love and which you aren’t crazy about. I know how many times I’ve reiterated that it’s warm …

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Blue tones

So our new lens was acting up so we only got two useable shots from this look, so sorry! Anyway I will be heading to the camera store today to swap it out, I think we just got a slightly defective lens, bummer, but not the end of the world. Very quickly I want to …

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