All the places I’ve been and where is next on my list!

States I’ve flown to: ✈️
States I’ve driven to: 🚗
States I’ve lived in: 🏠

Alabama 🚗
Arkansas 🚗
Arizona ✈️🚗
California 🏠 🚗
Colorado ✈️
Florida 🏠✈️ | Best Seafood in Delray Beach | Edition Miami Hotel Review
Georgia ✈️
Hawaii ✈️
Idaho 🚗
Illinois ✈️
Louisiana ✈️🚗
Maryland 🚗
Mississippi 🚗
Nevada 🏠🚗 ✈️
New Jersey ✈️
New Mexico 🚗
New York ✈️
Oregon 🚗✈️
Tennesee 🚗
Texas ✈️🚗
Utah ✈️ 🚗
Virgina 🚗
Washington 🏠✈️🚗

Countries I’ve visited:
Belize (San Pedro, Belize City)
Brussels (Drove through)
Costa Rica (Papagayo Bay)
Cuba (Havana) | Posts: How to Travel to Cuba and Places to eat in Havana Cuba
Czech Republic (Prague)
France (Paris, Nice)
Germany (Berlin)
Hong Kong  | Posts HERE and HERE and Landmark Hotel Review
Hungary (Budapest)
Indonesia (Bali) | Posts Komaneka Hotel Review, Katamama Hotel Review, {What to do in Seminyak & Bali Swing Review coming soon.)
Israel (Tel A Viv, Jerusalem, Ein Gedi)
Italy (Venice, Florence)
Mexico (Cabo, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen) PDC Thompson Hotel Review 
Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Norway (Oslo)
Sweden (Stockholm)
Switzerland (Interlaken)
Thailand ( Chiang Mai, Phuket) | Elephant Sanctuary post, Katamama Hotel Review

Places on the list:
Canada (Toronto, BC, Montreal)
Cayman Islands
Dominican Republic
Florida Keys
Hawaii (More islands)
Greece (Santorini)
Puerto Rico
South Africa
St Thomas
Tuscany, Italy


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