Thompson Hotel Review

Playa Del Carmen
Thompson Hotel Review

We arrived at the Thompson Hotel a few hours earlier than check in and headed up to the pool to lay out and take in the view. I loved the eclectic black and white lobby and was excited to explore the rest of the property. The Thompson is built atop a mall which is really convenient for shopping, dining and killing time. Another benefit of being so high up is the view, we weren’t beach-front but we could see the ocean. The pool was clean, refreshing and complete with a pink flamingo floaty to greet us each day. If you do crave the waves of the Caribbean, as a guest of the Thompson you also have access to their “Beach house” property which is another Thompson hotel right on the water. It’s only a short 5-minute walk thorugh town and you get to explore cute little shops and streets on the way!

playa del carmen thompson hotel reviewAfter enjoying some sun and drinks at the pool we were able to check into our room which was lovely. We cracked open the tequila and shared a toast as I ran through the room taking photos. I loved how all the trash bins in the room also had a recycle bin connected and how all the products were biodegradable and used recycled packaging. They even included complimentary all natural bug spray in a travel size.

playa del carmen thompson hotelplaya del carmen thompson hotel thompson hotels

This gorgeous spiral staircase was just outside our hotel room door and was our short walk up to the pool area. if you looked behind me there were several small sitting areas and just beyond that was our room with a balcony looking over a cute little shopping street.

thompson hotels
The Rooftop

The Rooftop spanned the entire length of the hotel so basically, it was a full city block. This area I thought was so cool because you could actually sit in the water at a booth and eat lunch! Perfect for those scorching hot days. There was a restaurant on each end of the roof. To the right out of the elevator was Cinco which is where we ate breakfast and lunch most days. I couldn’t get enough of the avocado toast. They also served fresh juices and smoothies and food and drinks for the restaurant and pool patrons. On the far left out of the elevator was Catch which originated in New York. (I actually overlooked it while filming for House of DVF in the Meatpacking district.) Catch is mostly seafood which is my favorite, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Playa Del Carmen Travel GuideThompson Hotel RooftopCinco Restaurant Thompson Hotel Rooftop

The pool area had several sections and lots of different seating options as well as cabanas. The Thompson also offered free 7 am yoga in one of the pool cabanas every morning. One morning we were up shooting and the sunrise was incredible, it made me wish I had been doing yoga!

Kier Couture Travel ReviewFlamingo floatyThompson Rooftop playa del carmenCatch Restaurant

At Catch, we got the Grilled Octopus, Rock Wagyu Steak which you cook yourself on a hot rock, Lobster Mashed potatoes: the house specialty, and beat salad. We also got the cookie dessert and shared a bottle of rosé wine. Our service was fantastic and although it was a little windy when we went. Catch was a gorgeous restaurant and lovely evening.

One day while we were our sightseeing The Thompson surprised us with fresh coconuts in our room so we were able to watch the sunset and enjoy a refreshing drink after a long day.

 We were sad to leave this gorgeous space and we’re sure to return soon!

Thank you so much to the staff at The Thompson Playa Del Carmen.

Thank you for reading!
With love from Florida,

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