Earthy Glam Bedroom Decor

Earthy Glam bedroom

  Bed. Organic White Sheets. Plain White Duvet Cover. Silk Pillow Cases. Pink Pillows. Nightstands. Set of Crystal Lamps. Phone Stand. Small White Plant Stand. Faux Tree. Brass Plant Stand (similar). Gold Mirror mine is 70″ and Similar. Dresser. Love Handles Vase. Feathers (I used two packs). Mirrored Jewelry Box. Platinum Dipped Rose. Rose Quartz Door Stop. Clear …


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Benefits of a Sauna Blanket

benefits of sauna blanket

My Favorite Sauna Blanket Benefits of a Sauna Blanket I love my sauna blanket, it is so good for you in so many ways. Here are some of the benefits of a sauna blanket. I first heard about these when I worked for Body Wrap LA. As an employee, I got to do the “wrap” …


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Back in Black

black, chiffon, Florida, Forever 21, Kier Mellour, Outfits

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Closet Tour

The long-awaited Closet Room Tour and how I organize my clothing in KonMarie method since 2015. Rugs, Here and Here. Chair bought at consignment. Throw blanket Egg Tray Drawer Pulls Robe Glass Heads Pier One, Similar. Blue Version Gold Mirror: Vintage, Similar Closet by The Closet Factory via Jeanne Hessen: 954.234.8359 in South Florida A …

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