Earthy Glam Bedroom Decor

Earthy Glam bedroom


Bed. Organic White Sheets. Plain White Duvet Cover. Silk Pillow CasesPink Pillows. Nightstands. Set of Crystal Lamps. Phone Stand. Small White Plant Stand. Faux Tree. Brass Plant Stand (similar). Gold Mirror mine is 70″ and Similar. Dresser.
Love Handles Vase. Feathers (I used two packs). Mirrored Jewelry Box. Platinum Dipped Rose. Rose Quartz Door Stop. Clear Quartz on Stand. Rose Quartz Lamp. Quote Canvas Art. Forest Canvas Art. Fashion Book. Inspired Book. Cake Stand. Candle Votives. Over the Door Mirror. Vintage Crystal Ashtray, similar and similar. Vintage Milk glass candy dish. Mercury Glass Candle as storage. Vintage Gold Frame, similar. Various planters from Homegoods. Mirrored pedestal. Similar Ginger Jar (as Planter) Cactus Canvas Prints. Reading Lamp on dresser. Dresser pulls  Chanel Painting done by me.

My Earthy Glam Bedroom Decor:

So I recently had some free time come up… I know, shocker. Anyway, I decided to use this time to finish decorating my bedroom. I wanted something eclectic, glam, clean and bright with earthy elements. It’s not 100% finished. I still want to get a neon sign for above my bed and a few more vintage gold frames for above the dresser. For now, though, this is what it looks like! All the links I could find are above.

I love the mix of textures, metals and how girly it is while still being somewhat clean an fresh feeling. I am usually a “more is more” type person but I really like how this is not over the top. I do have a vintage hanging lamp that was in my parent’s room when I was growing up that kind of resembles this, that I would love to hang over the mirror. Right now though, I don’t have the tools I need right now to hang it, so when I get my neon sign It’ll be a two-fer!

I wanted to mention I have a queen size bed but I use a king duvet, it gives it that oversized drapey look that I like. Some items are old or not available online so I linked everything I could!

Also, the vase with feathers: I used leftover hard packing styrofoam that came protecting nightstands and shoved it into the vase, I arranged the feathers carefully within the foam and it holds perfect!

If you ever have questions feel free to reach out via DM on Instagram @Kiermellour

Thanks for reading!


Gold Frame glam vintage bedroom decorChanel painting, butt vase, pink ostrich feather bouquetearthy glam bedroom

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