6 Ways to Celebrate The Full Moon

6 ways to celebrate the full moon
6 Ways to Celebrate The Full Moon:

I’ve always been a woo-woo type of girl. My grandmother used to be a phone psychic and do tarot card readings for us. My sister and I would have goddess parties with her where we’d dress up in her clothes and pretend to be different goddesses. We always had crystals in my home and we’ve always been really into how nature affects our lives. So, I wanted to share how to celebrate a full moon to benefit your life.

Whether you’re “into” this woo-woo stuff or super religious, you can’t argue that the moon DOES affect earth and every living thing on it, including us. There are times when nothing goes right, and times when everything is seamless. I believe this is partly influenced by the moon but even moreso on how we interpret changes and self reflect. The full moon is a great time to purge, cleanse, and detoxify. (Including within our homes!) Specifically, tonight’s Blood moon. This is a time for us to release the karma of many lifetimes. It’s time to move forward into the new you and let go of the negativity you’ve been carrying around for too long. This is exciting!!!

So, how do we celebrate?

Well, I’m SO glad you asked!

  1. Charge your crystals! Gather all your crystals. All of them. The jewelry, the book ends, the paper weights, candle holders, etc. If you have crystals in your home, they do emmit energy and they can become clogged with negativity. The best way to cleanse them is to leave them in the full moon light over night. They will then be able to charge your life and space for weeks or months with the energey of the full moon, and this is a good one. If you have crystal jewelry, you’ll literally be wearing good vibes!
  2. Make moon water! This is similar to how you clense your crystals. Put purrified drinking water in a clear GLASS (not plastic for the love of god) container. (I like one of these, you can pick it up at target or even the dollar store, just clean it really well.) Next, charge the water with positive vibes. You can visualize a goal you have or the future you want. Then, leave it in the full moon over night. I like to surround my water with my crystals. The moon, along with your intentions charges the water so as you drink it throughout the month you’ll be infused with cleansing energy, good vibes, and a renewed vigor toward your goals. Don’t worry if it’s cloudy or raining outside, or you only have a windowsill to use which doesn’t really get direct moonlight it will still work, just not quite as well. But don’t let that stop you! I make as much as I can and add it to tea, bath water, water my plants, and of course drink it daily!
  3. Purge the negative. Take some time to write down things that are bothering you. Just list them with no emotion. All the negative things you want to let go of. If there are bad vibes at work that you want to shift, write them. An akward thing you said or did that still bothers you, write it down. Title your list “Things I won’t carry into the new moon.” Once you’re done, burn it. (If you live somewhere you can’t burn anything then just roll it up and bind it with string (or hair ties lol) and put it in your freezer until the new moon August 11th, then throw it in the trash!
  4. Write yourself a letter. Since you may feel a little icky after writing all the negative in the last step, make sure to shift your energy. If you journal often, make a special entry to reflect on how far you’ve come, some of your accomplishments, and your goals for the future. If you don’t journal, take some time to write youreself this letter. Celebrating your sucesses is important for growth and to not get burnt out. Thank yourself for being self reflective and one who strives for self improvement. Make sure you’re 100% sober (ideally for at least 24 hours) for this. You really want to connect with your deeper self and be in tuned to your goals and desires. Make sure you don’t supress anything. As I said, this is a time for growth and change! Don’t be affraid of your dreams.
  5. Sage your home! You can do this any time but I think the effects are magnified on a full moon. Make sure to sage your electronics, the EMFs and how they bring in negativity can be really strong. Especially if you watch the news- SAGE THAT TV!!! I like to sage my whole house, but especially up in the corners where energy collects and all the windows and doors where energy enters.
  6. Go out and be in the moonlight! This one is kind of a no brainer, “how to celebrate the full moon” …look at it… duh. But, if you have an ocean, lake, river, hot tub, bath tub, or a pool, ANY body of water will help you connect with the energy of the moon better. We know of course the tides are affected by the moon so the connection is strong. I plan to hit our community hot tub and bathe litterally in moonlight.

That’s it!! I try to do these rituals every full moon and I love how refreshed I feel after. With this especailly strong moon, I can’t wait to feel the effects!

How do you celebrate the full moon? Any cool things I should add to this list?


Crystals. Water Bottle. Sage Smudge kit.

6 ways to celebrate the full moonamethyst and rose quartz

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