Paris Apartment for Rent

paris flat

Paris Apartment for Rent… As you may know, Jacques and I have been to Paris a few times in the last several years. We have always stayed at our flat in Paris and after a long remodel, it is finally for rent for my audience- we won’t be posting this on AIRBNB or VRBO or …


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6 Weight Loss Gimmicks that Actually Work!

BioX4 Slender Tone Ab Belt Infrared Sauna Blanket Water Bottle, Lid, Handle Garcinia Cambogia Cool Sculpting thanks to BHPSG 6 Weight Loss Gimmicks that Actually Work: So I recently hit the milestone of losing 10 lbs since beginning my fitness journey! I started working out with Serina (my trainer) in July so it was slow, …

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Oil Treatment for Hair Growth

how to grow long hair

Oil Treatment for Hair Growth and Moisture: I asked if y’all on IG stories if you wanted a post about the oil treatment I do and most said yes so here it is: First, my treatment is YELLOW in real life, I photoshopped it pink for the aesthetics of this photo. If you have blonde hair, …

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Tips to Reduce Waste

KAS new york sweater

Tips to Reduce Waste: While on this eco journey of mine I stumbled on an account called 5 Minute Beach Cleanup which has a super simple message: Each time you visit the beach, spend 5 minutes picking up litter. Since then I’ve been doing that every time I visit the beach. I’ve also picked up …

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Dear Starbucks

Dear Starbucks

Dear Starbucks: So I went into a Starbucks recently, really just to have a place to sit and work. As you may know, I don’t drink coffee so I opted for a tall green tea instead. I ordered my drink and requested “No plastic lid please” as I am doing my best to reduce my …

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The Truth about The Museum of Ice Cream Miami

Museum of Ice Cream Miami review It's not all icecream and sprinkles

The Museum of Ice Cream Miami: The Museum of Ice Cream is the physical manifestation of what is wrong with this world. I know that may seem drastic but it really is pollution for profit and the obsession with getting the perfect Instagram photo no matter the cost. There are a few things I wasn’t pleased …

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