Blue tones

blue-tonesSo our new lens was acting up so we only got two useable shots from this look, so sorry! Anyway I will be heading to the camera store today to swap it out, I think we just got a slightly defective lens, bummer, but not the end of the world. Very quickly I want to mention these shoes, this is NOT a sponsored pot at all… It’s always been hard for me to find flats that don’t rub weird on my big toe or heel, I generally prefer heels because for me, they were always more comfy, however, while in NYC for fashion week last september I was dying… the heels I was wearing were murderous to my feet after walking blocks and blocks in concrete so Roger and I popped into Payless to grab some “cheap” flats. They were the most comfortable flats I’d ever tried, I have pairs from Aldo and Nordstrom that look exactly the same but do hurt my feet, and these don’t. So I went back and bought them in more colors… I love them, so if you have a hard time finding good flats , these are the best and I recommend them 100%- they are Fashion Addict approved! ;)

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Bag: Kate Spade. Dress: Hale Bob, old. Shades: Giftshop in vegas.
Bracelet: J. Crew. Shoes: Payless.



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