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Kier Mellour

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Shorts: Omen Eye. T-Shirt: Target.
Bikini: Triangl Swimwear c/o.
Jewelry: Fever Dream c/o.

Triangl Swimwear

I know it seams like a bikini post in early january is like I’m just trying to tease you, but if you think about it, bikini season is not that far off. Triangl sent me this awesome New York Noir  bikini in august before my surgery and I didn’t get photos shot in time so we had to wait until Florida- howeverrrrrr, the top is a little small- as I’m sure you can tell. Anyway, the cool thing about Triangl bikinis is that they’re made of neoprene, the stuff they make wetsuits out of…. what took people so long to think of making bikinis out of neoprene? It seams like it would have been a natural progression… but either way, they’re here. I have a feeling these will be very popular, very soon, either this summer or next, so I highly suggest you get one before everyone else does and before the knockoffs start popping up everywhere. Triangl bikinis are affordable too, this suit is only $79 and you can select the top size and bottom size separately. Oh, and did I mention they come in a cute little neoprene carry bag/drawstring backpack that matches… none of my pics of it turned out, but it’s adorable!


Happy Sunday, thanks for reading!

With love from Hollywood,


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  1. You are so stunning. That bikini is so cool, your eyes are amazing, and your body is beautiful and sexy. Thanks so much for these pics :)

  2. Gorgeous! What sizes did you order? I think I’m similar to you in the lower half and struggling on what to buy ! Thanks :)

  3. I neeeeed to know what size of top you ordered so i can know for myself. Had trouble finding someone with boobs on that site so i found you:)

    1. Hi Hailey!

      I got a size medium and I felt it was a little small, I since have received a size large and it’s better but I had my tailor sew the cups together instead of having an inch of band between them so they look more supported.. Good luck! (these are med. bottoms as well and the large fits me better as well for the bottoms (I’m a size 25/26 in denim)

    1. Hi! I got a medium, but the larger ones I got after fit me better- I’m a size 25/26 in denim

  4. hey dear, what cup size are you? i want to order the same bikini soon, but I’m still unsure about the top size. whether it’s a M or L, you know.. usually I’m a 34D.

    looking forward to your reply! :)

  5. Hello! bathing suit looks great on you! Im thinking about purchasing one. although i have a quick question. What size is your top? Im pretty big on the top. This would really help me
    xoxo paulina

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