Spotted! Shopping at The Grove ~ A chic way to wear polkadots

Top: Asos (hidden peplum), Skirt: American Apparel (recent), Bag: Banana Republic (recent),
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old) Necklace: Banana Republic,
Shades: Marc by Marc Jacobs
I am obsessed with this skirt! I think this style is relatively new for American Apparel, I noticed though, that they have a whole bunch of colors and patterns, so I am definitely going back for more! I have one of those little petticoat skirts they sell there, and I can only imagine how cute this skirt would be over the top, talk about some fun volume! I especially love the print on this one, because it’s in my opinion the perfect polkadot, I think the bigger they are the more you risk looking like mini mouse… not that I won’t ever wear or buy larger spots, but today I wanted to look more chic than playful, and I think this skirt is a perfect balance.
I am trying to fight off the urge to be so matchy matchy! It took everything I had not to wear my blue bag instead of this one. I’m starting with baby steps, and trying to choose accessories that may not be my first instinct, because, If I had chosen the blue one, the size of the spots wouldn’t matter- I’d probably look a little costumey and childish- considering my white and silver shades and necklace… Honestly, if I were to wear this again, I might also add a belt in a similar shade as my bag!
So, if you’re trying to pull off a more chic look when wearing polka dots, consider the size of the print, and wear classic accessories in a neutral color, rather than matching the spots!
With Love from Hollywood,
P.S. How cute are the bubbles in the third picture? I just LOVE The Grove, all these little details (like bubbles in the summer, and snow in the winter) make it a special place to shop, people watch and eat. I find it so much more inviting and enjoyable than a loud concrete mall. Congratulations to The Grove for a fabulous 10 years!!

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  1. the bubble are really cute lol!! wow you look amazing and yeah you are right,it is a goood thing you paired the outfit with a neutral color bag!! well done darling you look STUNNING and your hair and skin are so beautifull!

    wow I sure miss the Grove,such a great place to shop and go for lunch
    I always used to go to this place called marmalade( I hope I have the name right) on the corner is it still there?,you can sit outside and they have the BEST salads!!! xoxo

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