Relapse ~ Cambridge Satchel and Luxe Sandals

Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company in Gold, see more colors here
Shoes: Zara (Recent)
How perfectly Luxurious are these two? I bought the bag while I was having drinks with friends at The W Hotel- See what I was wearing that day here. I walked inside to check out the little store and I couldn’t resist this baby. Imagine my friends’ surprise when I came back with a new purse- My boyfriend Roger just said “See, this is what I’m dealing with…”
The shoes were also an impulse buy… I was at Zara returning a different pair of flat sandals that didn’t fit properly (and Roger didn’t like them, he said they were masculine) and I saw these glistening out of the corner of my eye- I jumped out of ¬†line and grabbed my size. the best part about them, is that they are gold AND silver- so I can wear them with either!
What do you think? Relapse worthy?
With Love From Hollywood, Kier
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