Relapse ~ Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Zebra Head Bag

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Zebra Head Proposal Bag (currently out of stock)
I purchased this for half the full retail amount on Threadflip from another Los Angeles Blogger, Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury, Shop from her closet here!
I Love this bag. So many things about this make it perfect for me… The quilted leather for starters… of course I, like any fashion addict, want to someday posses the Classic Chanel Quilted Chainlink bag… but until then, I didn’t want a knockoff, I wanted something that was still luxurious, that had it’s own flare, and I wanted gold hardware. I am also absolutely obsessed with Zebra. I have a Zebra print calfskin rug in my living room, I have booties, t shirts, pumps, and even a belt… I have a lot of zebra.. When I saw this bag on Annabelle’s Threaflip, I flipped.
The slogan of the site is “Flip for what you love” and I love that. Because I had actually just made a sale recently and had credit on my account- therefore making my out of pocked less than 30% of the full retail price. I literally flipped my old clothes for something I love.
So, thank you to the Threadflip team for being so fabulous and on the ball! And Thank you Annabelle, for this fabulous bag!! I cannot wait to wear it!
The site is easy to use, organized, and even provides “White Glove Service” to those of us who might be too busy, or even technologically challenged (not that it’s hard, but I get it… I have a hard time figuring out how to print something!) to post our own items manually, but still want to take full advantage of this fabulous site. I fully recommend signing up for Threadflip, so you can start “flipping for what you love”.
With Love From Hollywood,
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