Color Wonderful ~ 80’s Vintage and Rubric’s Cube Bag

Jacket: Raul Blanco for Neiman Marcus- available on my Threadflip
Pants: Forever 21 (old), Rubrics Cube Bag: Ebay,
Lips: Morange by MAC
Less: Zara $129 (No longer available)
¬†(Another pair I’m craving¬†here)
I actually got this top as part of a skirt suit set (say that 5 times fast!). ¬†I can’t bring myself to wear it as a set because, well… it’s 2012, but I’ve worn both pieces separately. I usually balance out the print with a classic back drop, and add a little extra matchy matchy quality (that I’m known for) hence the bag. The skirt is incredible and I’m sure I’ll be posting it soon, as I wear it a lot more often. So, I decided to sell this top on my Threadflip account, because The skirt really is the piece I love, and as I’ve said before, “I don’t have enough space to keep clothes I’m not in love with.” And, I know someone somewhere will be in love. ¬†Is it you?
With Love From Hollywood, 


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  1. OMG Kier!

    are you selling this fab top???? how much babe? I don’t have a threadflip account
    will you ship internationally,I LOVE this top!

    xoxo Love Tamara Chloé

    BTW you look STUNNING my girl…and what a body you have,the bag is just deliciousssss!!

  2. I love the bright floral and that bag.. Oh so brings me back with that damn cube that messed up my childhood as I could never get it figured out. Made me giggle thinking about it.. Thanks for that.