Is Shein a Scam?? Honest review of

Is A Scam:

Hi Yall, welcome back! So I wanted to address this site you see me link to occasionally. If you’ve ever clicked through you can see their prices are very reasonable and their clothes are super on trend. I have worn their clothes here, here and here just to point out a few times and I just ordered a few more pieces! I used to work with Shein and they’d send me a few items a month in exchange for posts. Unfortunelty though, not everything fit and they’d bug me to post so much that I stoppped the collaboration. I did learn a lot about their products and site in the mean time though so I thought I’d share.

The Sizing:

Since Shein is a Chinese company there was a bit of a learning curve in the sizing department in the begining. Converting Chinese sizes to American sizes is tricky not only because we’re generaly taller, but we also have curvier bodies, and longer arms and torsos. So, the sizing isn’t as easy as just adding an inch everywhere. After a year or so they got much better at sizing but you still really need to look at the dimentions and measure yourself to ensure fit.

I also make sure to check the “gallery” as well as the reviews. The images in the “gallery” are uploaded by customers. The customers then gain points for sharing the images and leaving reviews which can then be redeamed for discounts. What’s nice about that is you can see a product styled differently and on several different body types to better judge if an item is meant for you. You can also earn points yourself this way which is great if you’re a frequent shopper!

The Pricing:

The cost of items is what keeps drawing me back to Everything is super affordable. I hve noticed though that new items generally go up in price a dollar or more with more reviews and images. So, newer items are cheaper because there is less info to base a purchase on. Fewer people will order an item on their site with no reviews or pictures so if you’re confident in your ordering capabilities, look in the new arrivals dept to save a little. I also notice a major factor in pricing is the fabric quality. So if you’re worried that something is going to be really crap fabric, take into acount the cost, if it’s more than $20 it’s generaly a better fabric.

The quality:

The quality of items on vary so much. But like with the sizing and measurments the fabric content is listed as well as noting if the garment has any stretch which will also affect what size to order. I have never really had a problem with the fabric because I know what to expect. I read all the info so when I order a dress and it’s sheer, I already know what I’m wearing underneath it. Shein does a great job of providing the information so all you need to do is take the time to read it!

Returns and Shipping:

Shein does take a while to arrive. I’ve never had anything arrive in less than ten days, and that’s with expidited shipping. If you need something for a specific event make sure to order very early. In December I ordered a bunch of things for Mexico and they didn’t arrive until I was leaving for Costa Rica. Oh well, I had somewhere to wear them so I was fine but what if I didn’t? The return policy is not the best. In fact, you have to pay $1.95 for “Insurance” in case you need to return something. I usually just give items that don’t fit right away but if you’re really budget conscious you may need to consider that before ordering.

I hope you found this helpful! Thank you for reading!

This post is not sponsored, I have linked some of my favorites from Shein below so you can check out this cool site for yourself!

Dress: Shein, wearing a small. Shoes: Jessica Simpson c/o.
Bag: Phillip Lim. Bracelet: Piaget.
Shades: Morganthal Fredricks.

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