National Geo-Graphic The Knight Anole

Kier Mellour
National Geo Graphic The Knight Anole Mating:

If you follow my IG stories you may have seen this but I couldn’t resist sharing this National GeoGraphic moment with you. Since moving to South Florida I have made lots of changes one being adapting to the wildlife. Instead of squirrels and raccoons, we have lizards, lots of lizards. Big lizards, tiny lizards, and straight up prehistoric-dragon-looking iguanas.

The little ones are everywhere, I sometimes count how many I can see from my balcony or how many dart away from us while we walk to dinner. (Usually a dozen or two.) But the other day I was sitting at our dining table working when I saw this super odd looking lizard climbing the tree right outside my balcony. I have never seen any life on this tree so this caught my eye right away. The small lizards are always on the ground and the Iguanas really prefer to live near the intercoastal or in more private trees.

I instantly grabbed my phone and started to post to my IG story. If you follow me on my stories you know I am totally obsessed with all the lizards and I always share it with you there. So I start filming and I’m like, “Wow, what an odd looking lizard, it looks like it has two heads.” At the time they were stacked right on top of one another and kind of camouflaging into the tree. As I stood there filming and talking to my phone I realized it was two and they were mating! “OMG they’re boning,” I exclaimed elegantly.

I ran into the house to grab my nice camera and when I came back they were like this. I started snapping away as they both glared at me. When they were done the female ran off really fast and the male hid around the back of the tree… Since I couldn’t get a shot I went inside. Then he came back out so so did I, again he hid around the back of the tree. I decided to sit there and wait thinking he would come out again if I sat very still… he just stared at me for a while and finally started bobbing his head and inflating his dewlap.

After further research, I found out this breed is the Knight Anole. The Knight Anole is an invasive species from Cuba who is very territorial, hence the aggressive behavior when he felt I was encroaching his territory. They are also very private which is probably why I’ve never seen them before. You can read more about them here if you’re interested.

I felt pretty lucky to witness this rare sighting so I wanted to share! I hope you don’t mind!

Of course, as always I’ve included an outfit as well!

Thank you for reading!

Top: VBxTarget, similar. Jeans: Jessica Simpson.
Shoes: SCHUTZ. Bag: YSL. Shades: Ray-Ban.
Bracelet: Vintage.
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