June Lake Washington

Kier Mellour at Mount Saint Helens
June Lake:

When I was a kid I used to go camping near Mount Saint Helens with friends and family every year over the week of July 4th and it was my favorite thing ever. I love being outside, I love hiking, swimming, and camping, not to mention fireworks. So, when my sister convinced me to return to my hometown in Washington to attend the high school reunion of my class, I knew I wanted to make a detour to Mount Saint Helens. I just have so many amazing memories there and I haven’t been in so long. My favorite hike was always June Lake because of the big open clearing and gorgeous waterfall at the top. I knew I wanted to hike it with Jacques and show it to him. I packed this swimsuit in the hopes of basking under the waterfall.

When we reached the top, however, it was completely different than I remembered. The brush was totally overgrown and the waterfall was impossible to reach without freezing in the mountain water. If I’d have known I could have packed an inflatable raft but without one we could only view it from afar. It was still beautiful but a little disappointing.

On our decent, we went off-trail and found the perfect place for sunbathing. The sound of the river rushing and birds chirping was serene and we took a moment to meditate. Then we shot these photos and I couldn’t be happier with them. I know I’m wearing palm print but I thought it was perfect for the blue water and thick brush.

Thank you for reading, I found a few other one pieces I love and linked them below.

Swimsuit: Khongboon, c/o.

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