Quickie post ~ Billie Swamp Safari

Top: Olive Olivia, Shorts: Forever 21- similar, Pink Bikini: Guess?- similar, Sandals: B.P.
Visor: Panama Jack, Shades: Kate Spade, Jewels: Juicy Couture, Bag: Cambridge Satchel Co.
Sorry for the quickie post, ¬†I just arrived at Disney World and don’t have much time to blog! I wanted to show you a couple pictures of Billie Swamp Safari. If you are in Florida definitely check it out. I got a fabulous feather wrap ring in the gift shop, I’ll be sure to show you guys soon! I am SO excited for tomorrow morning- and for my Disney outfit, I have been planning it for like 2 months after all. I’ll try to make some time to get in a better post tomorrow night, but forgive me if I’m too busy having fun!! ;)
P.S. I got my visor for $15 at CVS Pharmacy, Roger thinks it’s ridiculous, but I needed a “hat” that I could also wear a bun with… it’s pretty awesome, I’ll be honest- I wish I had it all summer.
With love from Hollywood Orlando,
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  1. Lol!! Welcome to my neck of the woods…well, Miami Beach is my neck but Billie Swamp Safari is very close ;)
    I have never been but always heard of it…personally I think it’s because the hubby is scared to death of alligators ;)
    Have a wonderful trip!!!