Fringe Benefits and DIY Gucci Victoire Sandals

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Dress: Aqua, old. Shoes: DIY. Bag: Vintage. Jewels: Swarovski.

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Fringe Benefits

Before I had my surgery, I tried to wear all my stuff I knew I wouldn’t fit anymore and this dress fell into that category. It was the only one they had when I bought it last minute so I sized down, therefore it’s always just been a little tight through the chest. Knowing this, there was no chance I’d fit it once I became busty. So, I wore this out dancing with Roger for our last little fling together, this dress deserves to be flipping around on a dance floor, so I think I’ll be posting in on Threadflip soon so that some tiny dancer can love it like I do.

If you sign up for Threadflip by clicking here, we will both get $5 in our accounts instantly, so go sign up and see what I already have for sale.. a LOT more will be uploaded in the next few months, so be sure to check it out.

Still loopy, sorry if this is a little lackluster. I’ll be 100% again soon!

With love from Hollywood,

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