Fall Shopping List

ad348bfc0a7911e3852722000a1fbd42_7Fall Shopping List

Since I am bed ridden and in pain and on narcotic pain killers for my surgery yesterday, I have been doing some online window shopping and decided to bring you my favorites today ¬†instead of mess up an outfit post.. I may post my last La Jolla outfit later today if I feel better. Enjoy, and comment your answer: What’s your favorite pick of mine??

P.S. Thank you everyone for all the well wishes, I will post tomorrow about my first 24 hours, then start to spread the posts out as appropriate. Right now I am very swollen and my throat hurts from the tube they put down it while I was out.. Thankfully Roger is being the best boyfriend ever and taking amazing care of me. Thank you love. More tomorrow.

Please ask questions in the comments below and I will answer them all!

And follow on twitter @KierMellour for live updates of how I’m doing!! Love you guys!

With love from Hollywood,

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1.Blue Gold Glam

2.Stripes and Femme Leather

3. Romantic and Classic

4. Super Casual

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