Drive Lexus

Drive Lexus:

If you like to drive, you probably drive Lexus. Their merging of luxury, sportiness and ecconomics made it the perfect car for our aSouthern California road trip! Our #Lexusnx300h was a hybrid so we didn’t have to stop for gas at all. You may think a hybrid couldn’t have any get-up-and-go but this SUV was sporty and zippy! On top of the excellent ride, the sound system was high tech, and loud which was perfect for blasting country tunes along the way! One of the best features though, was how quickly the AC got cold and cooled the entire car down. If you’ve been to Palm Springs area this time of year you know how hot it can get. The leather seats were no exception to the sun’s rays but thankfully the air conditioning was icey and strong! Oh, and did I mention the Lexus NX300H can outrun dinosaurs too? 🦖 🦕🦖 🦕🦖

Location: Cabazon Dinosaurs

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Dress: Misa Los Angeles. Booties: Lucky. Belt: Amazon.
Hat: Amazon. Lashes: Ardell. Shades: RayBan.
Hair: Bellami 22″ Tape in: 5 Packs…
(Two packs Butter Blonde,
two packs Golden Amber Blonde,
one pack Dirty Blonde.)

#DrivelexusDrive Lexus

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