Boob Job Blog: Boob Job Risks, 2 days till D Day

boob job risks

Boob Job Blog: Boob Job Risks, 2 days till D Day

day-2.2My biggest concerns are that: 1. I won’t be able to breastfeed later on in life which is a risk, but not a huge one. 2.That they’ll look too fake. 3. I’ll look top heavy instead of proportioned, which would just be trading one for another (But I’d have to go pretty big for that to happen). 4. I’m also terrified that I’ll have huge areolas after being stretched to fit the implant. 5. That the placement wont be right and they’ll shift from pointing up, to pointing down or sideways. I have a pretty long torso so I don’t want them to be too high up, and I also have a high belly button so they can’t be too low or that will look really weird! And of course other boob job risks include: infection, capsular contraction, loss of sensation, scarring, your body rejecting the implant, rupture (not with the type of silicone I’m getting though,) and more… I trust my doctors, but I can’t help worry over these things… The main reason it took me so long to get boobs is because I thought “What if something goes wrong and /or they get messed up and I’m ruined forever!! Thankfully I found some amazing doctors who help put my mind at ease..

Read the full countdown here, and stay tuned for my thoughts tomorrow and after surgery.

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