Boob Job Blog: Size and Insertion, 4 days till D Day


Boob Job Blog: Size and insertion… 4 days till D-Day

When I first decided to get implants I wanted the implant to be so small you could barely tell I had gotten them done, I said between 275 and 350CC’s. The reason for the range is that Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke use a kind of ‘sizer’ instrument. When you are under anesthesia they put an inflatable implant in and pump it up to all the sizes in your range, they decide while you are under what looks theĀ most natural, and what will be most fitting your your body type based on: the range you’ve given them, and the conversations you’ve had about your wants and desires. I love that they have the patients desires in mind so much that they use their experience and relationship with you to make you happy instead of just shoving an implant in that may not be right for you.

In the last 6 months I became increasingly impatient about getting them…(I really didn’t want to go another summer with small boobs and I’m freaking sick of wearing double cup size push-up bras) I started googling women with my height, and weight stats and seeing what the average implant was, what I liked, and what I didn’t. I have probably looked through 500 before-and-after photos and I decided for sure that 275 wont cut it for me.. 350 wont cut it for me. I am now debating between 375 and 400. I know that may seem huge, but trust me, it’s not. I have quite cartoonish porportions as is… my waist is 23″ (around the tiniest part) and my hips (around the widest part) are 39″ Baby Got Back… so to speak, and I don’t want to be bottom heavy anymore. I want to be proportioned, look even- but no, I’m not going to get boobs as big as my ass, lol talk about cartoonish. I want teardrop shape so they look more real and natural, but I want them to be worth going through surgery for.

I am going through the nipple because even if it does scar, I’ll be the only one to see it.. instead of everyone, every time I wear a bikini, which is what I’ve noticed with girls who go underneath, in the crease. Also, through the nipple, (I know it sounds super scary!) there is already a color difference from the skin to the areola, so it’s kind of a natural camouflage. I do have a little freckle on the outside of one of my nipples though, and I love it, I think it’s unique and sexy and I really hope it is in-tact after surgery.

For some reference check out the before-and-after photos I found of girls below…

Warning: The photos below are nude photos of breasts before and after surgery.


Click the descriptions for source.


5’9″ 124lb 440cc


400cc through nipple

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