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Fashion Blogger Kier Mellour

Hey y’all! This ring is literally my dream engagement ring- but no, Roger didn’t pop the question lol! The magnificent size, the cut, and the amount of sparkle, what a great cubic zerconia! Perfect in so many ways! I have bought several versions of fake rings (CZ, glass, crystal) like this, but this is the only one I will hold onto and the only of which sports a legit imprint, signifying its legitimacy in the jewelry world. It’s not the magnificent 33ct Krupp diamond but, this huge sparkling emerald cut ring is a lot of fun to wear! The stones, especially the  massive center stone, are very clear, sparkly, and beautiful, and look much more realistic that these photos do justice! I love sparkly things and I buy a lot of CZ from local departments stores, so I know, the average CZ stone looks blindingly white-ish and fake. This  ring’s stones are very well cut and have a color quality to them which appears very diamond-like, even to the diamond connoisseur. Beacause of the sheer size of the center stone, few people will mistake it for a genuine diamond, but one still feels a sense of luxury and elegance while wearing this ring… It’s more than a good value and has convinced me- I’ll from now on be a loyal fan and consumer to Berricle. After seeing the quality of this ring, a huge ring, which could easily look fake, I would love to try out some of their smaller center stones, eternity rings, chandelier earrings, studs and/or necklaces; I have no doubt they will all look amazing and be less nerve racking to wear out of the house than real diamonds!

Also keep in mind that emerald cuts are the most expensive for a reason- they are easy to see flaws in, the fact that Berricle has made a legit and expensive looking massive emerald cut ring, is wildly impressive!

Additionally, I’d like to mention that on Berricle’s website you can shop by cut, size, style, color and type of jewelry- genius and convenient, thank you!! I highly recommend Berricle for anyone who wants to buy a back-up of their wedding ring, a replacement for a lost gift, a necklace they never received, or just a sparkly gift to a friend (or one’s self)… Literally, check them out!!!!

With love from Hollywood,

Shop the look:
Dress: H&M. Jacket: Marciano. Shoes: Steve Madden. Clutch: DIY.
Gloves: Merona. Thigh highs: Kix’ies.  Ring: Berricle.
Earrings: Swarovski. Bracelet: Swarovski.

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