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what to wear to a fiesta

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 Dress: Steve Madden, old. Shoes: Forever 21, old. Bag: Vintage. Shades: Jessica Simpson, old.
Hair flower: Forever 21, old. Lips: MAC Ruby Woo and Wet n Wild Purty Permission.


I love a good party, and I know I’ve already covered what XIV is, but I’m not sure if I mentioned that there is a different theme every week– well last week it was “Fiesta” so I went as a señorita! I’ve had this dress, these sunglasses, shoes, and this bag forever!! It’s so funny how you can completely disregard something and be on the verge of donating or selling it, then a party like this calls for exactly the thing you were almost rid of- and people wonder why I’m so hesitant to clean out my closet!!

BTW, this bag is what they call tooled leather, and it’s mostly from the US southwest and Mexico- how perfect!

PS. Be sure to check in tomorrow for the Derby Days Style Challenge!!!

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