White Collar ~ The Nat King Cole Mural (Before)

Dress: KARTA- similar here and here,
Collar: Express, Bag: B. Makowsky, Scarf: Gift Shop- also seen here, Shoes: Zara,
Bracelet: Express, Ring: Forever 21, Shades: Kate Spade.
I love this mural of Nat “King” Cole on the side of the Capitol Records building. This historical mural is part of my daily view, but since shooting this, they’ve covered the mural with scaffolding and maybe canvas? Anyway, it’s covered, so… I hope they are redoing it. I promise to get some photos of the after as well… You can read about Nat King Cole here… ¬†His story is incredible, and his music is timeless.
In other news, I have ruined these heels. I was wearing wide legged pants and open toed shoes (these) and my toe caught on my opposite pant leg and I ate shit… in America thats slang for “I fell hard, on my face.” I ripped the pants, and scuffed off parts of the patent leather on the toe areas on both shoes. I even came out with a couple scabs. I am going to try to find a nail polish the same color of these shoes and try to cover the exposed leather to match… I’ll be sure to document it. …Additionally, I have since had the pants fixed, (flawlessly) at Bubbles Cleaners in Hollywood. Their attention to detail and quality of work always keep me coming back.¬†Bubbles does an amazing job with getting even latex paint out of silk, They can do a simple hem on jeans without loosing the natural hem of the jean (don’t ask me how, but it’s amazing), they can completely reconstruct a piece of clothing (handy for hideously fitting garments made of fabulous vintage fabrics), they do shoes, and leather and even wedding dress preservation. If you live in the area give them a try, the level of perfection in their work is worth the price, but, for the time being my readers receive a special discount at Bubbles Cleaners by mentioning “Fashion Addict”.
With love from Hollywood,

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