What is Millennial pink?

what is millennial pink? A Style Challenge
Style Challenge: Millennial pink… what is millennial pink?

Well, it’s time for another style challenge. I used to do these “challenges” all the time. They’re a way to share our interpretation of the trend, support one another and introduce you all to other blogs you might love! How it works is basically, a group of bloggers join forces to style a trend in their own way and you get to see several ways to wear/incorporate the trend into your life/style. This time we are styling millennial pink. But what is millennial pink? Well, it’s a kind of light grapefruit pink.. but not as coral toned as a grapefruit…

It’s similar to rose quartz but a little darker.

It’s well, it’s… here:

viva glam magazine

Millennial Pink is Inclusive Pink:

The thing about millennial pink is that it’s not a barbie or bubblegum pink. It’s a neutral-ish pink, a not-too-feminine pink; a genderless pink, if there is such a thing. Viva Glam magazine wrote: “A survey of millennials show that 50% of them believe gender runs on a spectrum, and this new shade of pink is allowing millennials, and others, to truly be themselves without the deep-rooted judgment of society staring them down…”

So if everyone loves pink, and I understand, because I too LOVE pink, and this shade is available to all, then, in my opinion, it’s the perfect shade of pink. I am after all, all about inclusion, as most millennials are.

I mean, it’s fun to play with fashion. I thank the universe every day that I was born a girl so I could be myself, super feminine without struggling. One of my cousins is transgender, she lived with us when I was a teen during her transition. I know how much she struggled. I had “friends” tease her and me because of it. So when I see people just trying to live their truth, whether it’s a young traditionally categorized “male” wearing makeup or pink or a “female” wearing a suit to prom, I just think, “let them live.”

So what better way to celebrate millennial pink and it’s gender fluidity than to wear a men’s floral suit including the shade? I mean, it’s got to offend someone right?

“People will stare, make it worth their while”
– Harry Winston

(Side note, some scientist believe the increase in trans people and gender fluidity is because we are consuming so much plastic. If you watched A Plastic Ocean, on Netflix you know plastic contains chemicals that disrupt hormones and can cause cancer among other issues.)


Suit: ASOS Mens. Shoes: Stuart Weitzman. Earrings: Aldo.
Shades: Jessica Simpson, c/o. Bag: Chanel. Vest: Vintage.

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  1. Gurrrrrrl – you look impressive in this SUIT! The millennial pink suits you (haha… see what I did there? #dork)… anyway, I think I need that blazer because its stunning and I am always about new wardrobe ideas. What did you think about my decorating ideas with millennial pink? xo
    Glam Karen | http://www.GlamKaren.com

    1. AHHHHHHH YES! clever lady, I feel a missed opportunity by myself but I like it better as a compliment from a stylish gal like yourself!!

      And my favorite suggestion of yours was the peonies!!



  2. You look great dear. Kier you are a smart, intelligent and strong woman.
    I used to watch the House of DVF and I loved you for your attitude-Never looked down on yourself.

    you rock gal.
    ZI… Africa

  3. You look great in that suit – very feminine and strong at the same time – that shade of pink looks real good :)

  4. Well I am not much of fashionista but the suit is georgeous! And I really do like the shade of pink.

  5. I am absolutely loving this shade of pink! I’m also intrigued to watch that Netflix show you mentioned!

  6. Girl, you are totally killing in that suit! Love that you shopped in the men’s section. The print is amazing. I mean, who knew millennial pink could be so much fun?!

    xo, Jackie

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