Bootyfull ~ Turqiouse Boots and a Summer Dress

Dress: Zara, Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch, Boots: Jessica Simpson- love these,
Belt: Forever 21, Bag: Coach, Hat: Airport gift shop- similar,
Bracelets: Miansai and Macy’s, Ring: Gifted Earrings: Vintage
Shades: Kate Spade
¬†I wore this outfit up to Monterey county last week where I have family friends. I got to ride this beautiful horse Fleet (The great granddaughter of the Seattle Slew), eat real BBQ, swing on a tree-swing, and not brush my hair for a day…. it was wonderful to get away from LA and just relax.
I got these boots years ago at Nordstrom on a shopping binge without really thinking twice about them, I love Jessica Simpson’s shoes so I’m pretty much sold on anything she makes and I didn’t have a pair of boots at the time. Actually, these are still my only pair of cowboy boots. They came in tan, red, teal/turquoise and black… now that I look back, I wish I had all four colors. I get so many compliments on them that I only wish I had an excuse to wear them more often but In Los Angeles it’s a little too hot to rock boots very much.
When I was 7 I had a pair of red cowboy boots that I literally wore everyday until they were worn through- I would have slept in them if my parents had let me. But for some reason when I was shopping for these I didn’t think of my little beaten up red cow(girl) boots… Whenever I wear these though,¬†I always think back and wish I at least had purchased the red pair too even if just for nostalgia. I know a lot of people say it’s better to get rid of things you don’t wear often and to not keep items out of nostalgia. But, getting dressed in the morning to me is more than just having to look stylish for some boring job,¬†the feelings I get when I go shopping or look at my closet are part of what define me. Fashion and the ability to channel my creativity through my clothes¬†it’s the reason I wake up- getting a genuine compliment on my outfit is a huge deal for me and sometimes all I hope for in a day and if I can’t fall asleep some nights, I just put together outfits in my head the way others may count sheep.
So thank you to all my followers so far, Thank you for all the genuine compliments and comments. I feel now, after starting this blog, like I’ve finally found my calling- and I’m just getting started!
P.S. Anyone know where I can find a cute pair of red cowgirl boots? I’ve got myself thinking again!
With all my love, from Hollywood,

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