Strings Attatched ~ What to wear to Bootsy Bellows & DIY Spiked shoes

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My dress: Image, My shoes: Aldo (DIY spike) Leather Jacket (not pictured): Robins Jean

Her Dress: unknown, Her Shoes: 9 West

DIY Spiked Shoes

Click HERE for the list of supplies, etc. I mention below, that I eyeballed the spike placement on these, but I recommend starting at the toe in the center and working out on both sides, switching back and fourth from side to side so you can notice if your spaces start varying too much. You can go a little tiny bit farther apart in the insole area because you’ll save a spike, and make it easier to walk without rubbing the opposite side.
So I wanted to share this quick weekend post….My sister Ashley (her sassy blog about being a stay at home mom here) came to visit me with her family and we went out to Bootsy Bellows, a new club in Los Angeles… it’s way over in West Hollywood, which is usually too far for my taste, but I loved it. We saw David Arquette (among other people) puppeteering Marionettes, which was super odd but also pretty cool haha. After my last DIY, I went a little spike crazy and refreshed this old pair of shoes! Since I have like 4 pairs of leopard pumps and I wasn’t wearing this pair because I liked my others better (open toe, lighter and bigger prints, one is a mary jane style and one is a simple pump) I decided they needed to go or get better…So I decided to spike them up! This time, though, I just eyed the spike placement and it worked great, they’re not perfect, but they are mine, and I kind of like that the imperfections prove that I made them! I was actually washing my hands in the ladies room that night at Hanna Beth was standing behind me but I didn’t notice until she said ” I love your shoes” so I told her that I made them and she couldn’t believe it. She really is as beautiful in person as she is on her social media, and so sweet.
I told my sister I’d spike her shoes for her too but she politely declined- I think that’s for the best, one has to be very careful with these babies!! I love how we are 23 and 24 and we still like to match sometimes- it reminds me of us at three and four in our little easter dresses and hats (why I love dresses and hats so much) on the porch with a basket of colored eggs holding hands. The outfits have changed a little, and instead of baskets of eggs it’s vodka and sugarfree redbull, but we are still little giggly girls whenever we get together. I’ve worn her hand-me-downs my whole life, She has definitely helped shape my style and I owe her for that! She always gives me honest opinions on my outfits, I don’t know how some people get through life without a sister, but I wouldn’t be able to. Thanks sissy for all your support and love. I love you sooo much!
With Love from Hollywood,


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  1. Awww Sissy what sweet words from you!?! LoL I love you so much and I love being your sister. I have loved watching you grow and change and become a beautiful woman and an interesting human being hahaha. We are forever and Always Sisters and Best friends!!!

  2. wow you DYE is amazing the moment I saw them thought they were expensive wow you got talent and will try it at home awesome Thanks for sharing