Touring Paris: How to look like a local

Touring Paris: How to look like a local

Everyone in Paris wears little black shoes. Either boots or little shoes like this, the surest way to look like a local is little black shoes. Since Parisians walk a lot, a low heal and strap are helpful and stylish. I also opted for a little sun hat rather than a beret because it’s just so understated. I also love how this one ties inside to keep it from blowing off. And of course, the most Parisian thing you can do is to carry a baguette. It’s actually not cliche or fake, wherever you are in Paris, you’re sure to see someone carrying a baguette on their way home for dinner. If you get hungry from all the touring, it also doubles as a snack. Maybe skip the map if you want to truly look like a local, but I thought it was too adorable to not carry for these images! Lastly, a crossbody or tote, Parisians are lowkey, effortless and stylish. A vintage Chanel bag or leather Longchamp tote are perfect for a day in the city. The Longchamp tote is a favorite of mine as it zips and snaps for added security.


Dress: Reformation. Shoes: Nordstrom.
Bag: Vintage Chanel via Ebay.
Hat: Amazon Fashion. Shades: Amazon Fashion.

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