All that Glitters is Not Gold…

Glitter is Litter?
Glitter is Litter?

let’s talk about glitter. ✨ Did you know glitter is a micro-plastic and when you wash glitter it goes down the drain and into the water system and eventually ends up in the ocean potentially harming marine life? SAD RIGHT? Same goes for synthetic fibers. But, a group of 8th graders is working to change that: @plasticelastic3.0 have invented a washing machine filter to collect plastics in clothing and recycle them! ♻️ Isn’t that just so amazing? They’ve already won the Lexus national eco-challenge and they have a campaign against glitter because of the impact it can have.

I personally love glitter but I know it can be terrible. I try to keep it real so I felt like I should address the glitter dress… here’s the thing: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are things we can all easily do to make an impact, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you’re being mindful and making daily choices to make less of a negative impact you’re allowed to have your *things* you can’t give up. I personally still use a Sonicare toothbrush and not a bamboo one because I literally cannot even manually brush my teeth- it gives me full body cringe!

I also occasionally will wear glitter- BUT: when it’s not on a dress, and it’s for body shimmer or arts and crafts (whenever I use loose glitter) I use @guiltfreeglitter which is totally biodegradable and comes in plastic-free packaging! So do what you can, don’t kick yourself when you’re not perfect, keep getting better, and lead by example ✨!

So do what you can, don’t kick yourself when you’re not perfect, keep getting better, and lead by example ✨!

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Dress: Nadine Merabi, c/o. Bag: Ferragamo. Earrings: Aldo.

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