My 4 Favorite Sunscreens Right Now

My 4 Favorite Sunscreens Right Now:

Since I always spend a lot of time in the sun I try a lot of sunscreens and I know what I like. The most important thing obviously is that it protects me from burning, but I have to be honest if it feels or looks terrible I’m not wearing it. Finish, texture, wear, durability, and ease of application all play a role in my choosing a sunscreen. I have taken all this and more into account to bring you my 4 favorite sunscreens right now!

Austrailian Gold Continuous Spray with Instant Bronzer:

I’ve actually written about this stuff before and that’s because I LOVE it. This sunscreen is my ride or die but has one major flaw, because of the instant bronzer I never use it when I have a white or light-colored suit on. The fine mist is great for application but the particles travel and will discolor your suit or towel until it’s washed. (I’ve never had a suit or towel stain from this which is a good thing.) It might not rub off visibly if you apply it before getting into your suit but once you have to reapply it will be a big mess so save the white suits for any of the below recommendations.

The smell is unbeatable, like a pina colada, the fine mist is very easy to apply and get full coverage with. You don’t have to rub it in which I love because I hate having sunscreen on the palms of my hands. The instant bronzer is SO amazing when it’s the beginning of summer because we’re all so pale! It makes me feel much more secure with my body to have a layer of color on right away. I know some people who hate wearing sunscreen because they want to build their tan and just end up burning. This stuff allows you to safely build your tan while fooling everyone into thinking you already are a golden goddess.

This sunscreen comes in SPF 4, 8, 15, and 30 and even if you buy SPF 4 and reapply (layer) often the bronzer just looks better and better, never weird or cakey. This stuff has an amazing finish and dries very quickly. It’s not sticky or greasy at all. I LOVE THIS STUFF and recommend it to everyone!

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen:

This is usually what I wear if I’m in a white suit/clothing or it’s too windy to rely on a mist sunscreen. This stuff has a shimmer effect that is so lovely. I love a bit of shimmer because it reflects light and makes your skin look flawless. The shimmer totally camouflages any sunspots or varicose veins and makes you glow! Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch also has a really nice smell (coconut) and finish and dries quickly while leaving your skin feeling hydrated. I also don’t mind rubbing this in because it’s not greasy so my hands don’t feel like they need to be washed right after.

This comes in different packaging for the lower SPF and is called “Tanning lotion sunscreen” but in my experience, it’s the same other than I think the shimmer is a bit darker, I think they assume anyone buying SPF 4 already has a base tan and needs darker shimmer.

Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Face:

I recently got this for Stagecoach and I LOVE it! I wear it daily now under my makeup and it has the nicest texture, you literally don’t feel it. I layered my primer right over the top and my makeup stayed put all day. I also love this for a day at the beach with no primer, I just buff my Bare Minerals powder foundation right over it and it gives me a lovely glow. My skin looks luminous and feels hydrated and protected. This is my favorite face sunscreen I’ve ever used. Usually, I start sweating and can feel it all sliding off or moving around but not with this. This comes in SPF 15 or 30 and I prefer the 30!

Coppertone Event in Miami:

The inspiration for this post came recently when I attended a Coppertone event in Miami with Simply Stylist. The purpose of the event was to introduce influencers like myself to their new Whipped sunscreens. At the event they had a lip reader, (she was a fortune teller who read your lipstick mark after kissing an index card, it was cool!) They had coffee art, fresh popsicles, a photo booth and a skin reader. The Skin reader would tell you about their concerns for your skin and what steps you should take to protect it further. (Wear sunscreen was *shockingly* what they told everyone.)

Becuase I am vain, I wear sunscreen to prevent age spots and to repent for my year working (and tanning) in a tanning salon. So, I am always down to try new sunscreens. I was honestly really impressed with the texture of this stuff. There was a panel of beauty experts as well and one thing they talked about was incidental sun exposure, what we get while running errands or doing yard work. We may not put sunscreen on every day, just when we plan to be in the sun all day like beach, pool, and theme park days. But sun damage is accumulative and you really need to wear protection daily. Which leads me to this whipped stuff…

Coppertone Clearly Sheer Whipped:

I thought it would be like whipped cream, super light and fluffy like air, and it is, but it is extremely creamy and hydrating. When you rub it in you know you’re protecting your skin because it is thick and white but disappears quickly. I think the SPF 30 is slightly more emollient than the SPF 50 but they are both really nice. The SPF 30 has become my daily sunscreen because I can just put it on after the shower and skip my lotion… I’m serious, it’s SUPER moisturizing! Any product that can change our habits for the better is 5 stars. Previously, I wasn’t one to wear daily sunscreen other than on my face and now I am… simply because of the fantastic formula and ease of use. Bravo Coppertone. Bravo.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you wear daily sun protection? Do you have a favorite sunscreen?

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