Why I don’t agree with the story The Rainbow Fish


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Why I don’t agree with the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’

When I was a child I loved the book “The Rainbow Fish”. You know the one, where the holographic fish is ostracized and teased- nobody wants to be his friend because he is different… Well, I loved it because of the holograms clearly.. but when I went back and read it as an adult I was pretty disturbed by the message- “give away all your sparkle, everything that makes you unique and people will like you.” (Im paraphrasing but still) I think not!! I don’t know who said “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.” but I agree 100%. If you are a mermaid, a rainbow fish, a sparkler, sparkle with all your might! Eventually you will attract other sparklers and you won’t ever have to dull yourself so others feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading, sparkle today!

With love from Hollywood,

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  1. I tried these exact shoes on when I was in New York last year, but had to leave them, because in that huge pile of footwear they had lying around on their floor, I could only find two right shoes, the lefts had disappeared somewhere… They look very gorgeous on you, though!
    I love the whole theme of your outfit, together with the mermaid top and the rainbow fish story. – It took me a while (and a few wrong boyfriends) to realize this myself, but if you have to dull your sparkle, you’re really in the wrong company!

    xo Sabrina

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