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Dress: Express. Shoes: DIY. Mirror Clutch: ZARA, similar. Jewels: Swarovski.

The Magic Castle

I wore my new awesome DIY Gucci Victoire inspired heels to The Magic Castle for a friend’s birthday last week and as soon as we walked into the place she asked me if they were “the Gucci” I was pretty stoked, because if anyone would know, she would… I’ve gotten so many compliments on them- and I actually found a cheaper shoe than the Steve Madden pair to start with and will keep all the instructions the same- adding that link now.

The Magic Castle is awesome! We walked in and were greeted so nicely, then we were escorted to the upstairs bar to grab a drink while we waited to be seated. We ordered our drinks and chatted for a few minutes and then the bar tender handed me a Grey Goose Dirty Martini- a favorite of mine, she said she made one too many and had an extra- of course we tipped her more, but she didn’t expect that, and she could have just thrown it out. It’s things like that, that make a venue stand out to me. When management is uptight and micro-manages their employees it’s obvious, and when they trust their employees and treat them well it’s also apparent. I support businesses who treat their employees well and respect their decision to comp a drink because when you do that, you gain loyal customers- like they did here, with such a simple gesture. I’m sure when she handed me the extra drink she wasn’t thinking it would lead to me overt-hinking it this much, but if she were afraid of her job, if she was looking over her shoulder for her boss I never would have made this conclusion about The Magic Castle.

At dinner my steak was delightful! I ordered the filet cooked medium/medium-rare and it was perfect. The calamari was also perfect, not fishy at all, and the wine we ordered was so amazing- I highly recommend the Groth Reserve Cabernet. The service was on point, everything you expect at a fine dining experience and after the meal they offer you tickets to the Magic show!

We loved the cheesy comedy in the magic show and the fun time-warp-esqu quality.. afterward they escorted our group downstairs to a private room for a more intimate show. The magician was awesome! We joked, laughed, we were dazzled and amazed and after the show we kidnapped our magician and kept the party going.. He partied with us till the wee hours and it was magical. The Magic Castle is a private club with an extremely strict dress code (which I appreciate!) I am excited to go back and will keep this venue in my heart as a gem where I’ll only take the best of the best of my guests.

This post is not sponsored- I fell totally in love with The Magic Castle.

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With love from Hollywood,

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  1. Hilarious story, I wore almost the exact same dress to the Magic Castle last year. No joke. LOL. You look gorgeous as always Kier.

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