Supergirl: Man of Steel inspired

superman hat

supergirl superman man of steel superman hat clark kent red white blue converse super man

Red Bra: Fredricks of Hollywood. Button Up: Express- sleeves cutoff. Skirt: LaROK.
Red White and Blue Sneakers: Converse, old. Superman Hat: Dolce & Gabbana, old.
Backpack: Coach. Shades: Marc Jacobs. Earrings: Nordstrom.

Man of Steel

So I went on opening night to see Man of Steel and it was AMAZING! The director Zack Snyder sure does love lens flairs though- like every shot was a blinding light or lens flair- okay we get it. haha. Anyway, there were a lot of guys were dressed up in full superman gear- I was glad I looked themed but still everyday cute. I got this hat when I was in Italy in 2006 and this may be the first time I’ve worn it- maybe one other time- same with these shoes, I think I’ve worn them all of a handful of times and I’ve had them for 10 years… I’m terrible! But sometimes when you see one of those fun items that you know you wont wear a lot but you just have to have, you should trust yourself! (Assuming you have the closet space!) You will find the perfect outfit- maybe the next day, maybe years down the line!

With love from Hollywood,

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