LA Made Clothing & Pons Avarcas

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 Bikini: H&M. Skirt: LA Made Clothing. Backpack: Coach.
Shoes: Pons Avarcas. Shades: Marc Jacobs.

LA Made Clothing

The perfect balance of basic, comfy, and easy to wear, LA made clothing is super soft, and guess where it’s made: yep, here in Los Angeles. I always look for ultra long maxi’s because I’m pretty tall and LA Made’s fit the bill. I love the ombre coloring of this skirt and on the website they have so many adorable designs and perfect T’s and tanks that sit beautifully. The cami I got (not pictured) has an amazing fit- it’s long, super elastic, super bright white and comfy. I want it in grey too- and every color, but they only make it in grey and white- hopefully more soon!! This skirt was perfect as a poolside coverup and I wear it any time I want to be super comfortable; it’s the perfect substitute for sweat pants because it is still fashionable and flattering, but can also be dressed up or worn alone like I did with my bikini top. Check out more LA Made on the scroll above!

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Pons Avarcas

I am usually a heels girl and rarely wear flats, but when I do, they are pretty and shiny and girlie- These Avarcas have a very cool story: “Avarcas, also known as Albarcas o Menorquinas is the traditional footwear from Menorca. Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean sea in Spain. Avarca sandals are handcrafted from top quality and authentic leather according to the traditional measures. In its origins, the sole of the avarcas were made from recycled tires, (so cool!) which were sturdy and durable. Nowadays, they are made with lightweight rubber molds, still with the same characteristic finish of the traditional sewn sole. All models, men’s, women’s, and children’s, conserve the essence of the original Menorcan avarcas: a shoe with more than a century of tradition, comfortable and resistant, first worn by countrymen and farmers, re-invented to become a basic and essential accessory for those who are looking for style and comfort all day long.”

“Over time, the Avarcas sandal morphed into a symbol of the island’s identity, continually reinventing itself for modern appeal. Penelope Cruz and Rafael Nadal are just a few high-profile fans of the brand today, which offers flat and platform styles in a myriad of colors for women, men and children. Noelia Pahissa moved to California from Barcelona in 2004, when her husband, Jose Fuentes, accepted an engineering position in San Diego. Among many packed possessions were a few pairs of Avarcas sandals, which both Noelia and Jose grew up wearing. It only took a few dozen compliments for Noelia to realize there was an unmet demand for the Spanish product in the U.S. market. The San Diego-based man and wife are co-founders of the Avarcas USA label, working exclusively with the Menorcan Pons brand to bring handmade, eco-friendly artisan sandals to sustainable-minded Americans.”

These simple and comfy sandals come in lots of colors, animal prints, even glitter and obviously awesome metallics! Some of my favorite options are below, and check out the video below to see how these sandals are hand made!

Check out Avarcas USA to see all styles- they even have wedges and ankle strap styles! And for the guys– they have every shade of neutral, I kind of love them even more on guys- I’m getting Roger a pair right now!


PS. I was concerned that they wouldn’t stay on with such a simple strap design but they fit fabulously!


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