Style Challenge: What to wear to New York Fashion Week

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Wrap Dress: Vintage. Leather Jacket: Robins Jean. Clutch: Forever 21.
Strappy heels: ZARA. Hat: Target. Shades: Miu Miu. Bracelet: BCBGeneration c/o.

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Style Challenge: What to wear to New York Fashion Week

With New York Fashion week fast approaching (September 5th- 12th) I have been dreaming of what to wear for months. Attending NYFW is actually on my bucket and I’m so excited to go. Since I haven’t actually attended my idea of what to wear may be totally off, but I’m using my best judgement. Based on all the FW street style photos I’ve hunted, I think I have an idea of what to wear… These will be my outfit guidelines..

– Wear something vintage or one of a kind. These people have seen it all. They will know who designed it, from which season, and possibly own anything new or a few years old, so wear something nobody else will have. This is the perfect time to wear something from a recent DIY or vintage shopping trip. Any type of conversation starter is a great thing, this is all about networking and seeing amazing new fashion, make it easy for people to do both!

– Take Marilyn Monroe’s advice and wear something tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady. Your silhouette should be clean and flattering and photograph well. Avoid anything too sexy, short or low-cut, as wardrobe malfunctions are never in style, sorry Janet. Take some mirror selfies to test out different angles and make sure you look amazing from every direction and while in movement. This is like the mecca of street style photographers and you want to look your best so they use your photographs!

– Invest in proper undergarments. Booty shorts (cotton to grip silky fabrics), a Shibue, nipple covers, fashion tape, strapless bra, whatever you need, get it, test it, and carry extra if necessary.

– Wear one trendy or designer piece / Rock a pair of statement shades! I think these are both important but somehow without meaning to, I combined the two. Your statement shades don’t have to be the newest and best, but I think it’s important to not forget about your face when accessorizing. With so much fashion everywhere, it helps to draw the eye up to make your face memorable! I will wear one trendy piece to keep my confidence high.. I maybe can’t afford a Celine Phantom at $4000 (yet) but I can afford $400 Miu Miu sunglasses. As soon as fashion people see one trendy item, they assume you’re on their level, and I’m the first to admit I’m a little intimidated… so if wearing something trendy (that I love anyway) will bring up my confidence and empower me in the fashion world, why not? (I could go into an entire rant about people who would argue “confidence comes from within blah blah blah”, but I’ll save that for another day.. all I’ll say is, those people have surely never worn these glitter Miu Miu shades, because I feel like a movie star in them and the same goes for my Dolce & Gabbana heels.)

– Take into account the weather. September in New York = unpredictable weather. Therefore, I’ll be rocking a hat (one that won’t block anyone’s view at the shows) to tame my hair from humidity and possible rain, and a classic moto jacket. Don’t forget to spray your leathers and suedes with a leather protector– any one from foot locker or anywhere will do, and don’t neglect or forget about your purse!

– Don’t wear fussy makeup. It’s easy to look like a hot mess with red lipstick or shimmer… anything, because if you’re not careful it can suddenly be all over the place. Unless you are super confident about your red-lip-stay-on capabilities and you’re trying a new shimmer that doesn’t look like sweat in photographs, keep your makeup easy; easy on the eyes, and easy to touch up! Oh, and wear a primer- You’ll be amazing at how it affects photographs and keeps your makeup in place. I love Smashbox Photo Finsh Foundation Primer. Their Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner is amazing too- great control, doesn’t run, and the green metallic tint brings out the color in my eyes.

– Wear comfy shoes. This isn’t the week to break in a new pair of heels. Pick a pair that you and your feet know well. Add extra padding to insoles if needed and keep a cloth bandaid or two in your bag just incase a pesky blister creeps up on you.

– Smile. Be approachable and friendly. Fashion is meant to be fun, I always laugh at people who take themselves too seriously. Be someone you’d like to meet!

So these are my tips for what to wear to New York Fashion Week! Check out the other amazing bloggers in this style challenge below for more Fashion Week Inspo and tips!

Hope you enjoyed this style Challenge!
P.S. These photos were taken before my boob job, I have a few more posts to go before I can take pics with these swollen boobies!
With love from Hollywood,
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  1. Great post and love Marilyn’s advice. And yes there is fine line between looking effortlessly chic and like you are trying too hard.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. I love the advice!!! I wore a DIY piece last year- definitely caught some attention. Can’t wait to see you rockin’ it at Lincoln Center!!!

  3. And of COURSE I love the outfit too ;) Those sunglasses, ugh I die, those heels- sooooo sexy, the hat- a fun touch, and girl- that dress really follows Marilyn’s advice.

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