So Jaded ~How to wear green pants!

Thank you so much to Qinn Starr for shooting these photos!
Check out “Boyfriend’s Girl” on Quinn’s blog to see a shoot I styled!
Jeans: Zara, Sweater: Express, Necklace: Forever 21 (old), Boots: nordstrom,
Bag: Kate Spade (old), Shades: Burberry, Water: Fiji (my favorite)
I would have worn these Swarovski Emerald Green Stud Earrings if I remembered
to grab them! (the lower ones pictured)… they are deeper in color in person… :(
(next time!)
I love this sweater! I got one from Express last winter and I wore it pretty much all the time until one night I wore it out dancing, got hot, took it off and somebody stole it. I was very bummed. I went back to the store and they didn’t have my size, all the rest were on clearance. I had finally added this, a black sweater that wasn’t too warm (I do live in LA) to my wardrobe and was used to that. After the loss, I kept thinking of outfits I needed it for but was abruptly reminded that I no longer had it. I kept thinking that maybe I hadn’t lost it and it would just turn up the way things that you don’t know you lost do… well it never turned up.. but.. This past winter I went into the Hollywood and Highland Express and they had basically the same thing.. I can tell something is different about the fit, but it works! I am happy to have it back in my closet where it belongs.
“I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet” – Carry Bradshaw
Xoxo, Kier
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