Shake it off


Hi Everyone! How are those resolutions going? I am still trying to master the art of the “shake it off” so I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift on repeat and I’m trying a new strategy… every time I get a negative comment I am going to try to just delete it instantly… however, if I have the urge to respond, I am going to respond to 10 nice comments, and if I still want to respond to the negative, I can, but I will have a new demeanor and will have cooled down- so far I have not wanted to respond to the negative by the time I read and respond to ten of your sweet comments so it’s a great strategy. This new plan of action also takes me from upset and hurt to a really great mood and just feeling sorry for the negative people out there.

I just want to say, thank you for reading and for all the sweet messages and comments from you all, it means the world!!!

With love from Hollywood,

Shop the look:

Sweatshirt: Forever 21. Skirt: Blank Denim, similar. Phone Case: Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Shoes: Zara. Bag: H&M. Bracelet: Ettika. Watch: Michael Kors. Shades: Chilli Beans.


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  1. Honestly, I was rooting for you the whole time. No matter what tv is going to portray people a certain way. Your charisma, and confidence are what attracts me to you. I really hope to see you go far with your career. Responding to rude people wont make them stop. For every one you shut down four more will pop up. Sadly this is the world we live in and no one can just give you a high five and say good job. Keep your chin up! (:

  2. Love the ‘haters’ sweatshirt! And your attitude towards hate is even better. You get so much of it and I can’t understand why so good for you for finding a new way to channel those feelings.

  3. Don’t listen to all the haters! There not worth it, trust me they do this with no meaning or point! I love this post as well as your blog! Thanks for inspiring me Kier xo

  4. Hey, cutie. I’m an old lady but one of the moments I remember from your show was when someone says that Brittany would be good for the job because she has thick skin. As I’ve gotten older, despite the extra poundage, a thick skin is essential. You’re gorgeous with a pretty figure, a fun blog and an adoring boyfriend. Have a fun time with your life and your obvious assets! Haters are just dark souls who are daring you to write a comment so they can spew dark words to the world.

  5. The sweatshirt is fabulous and versatile. I wish I had that confidence in high school, or such a message was available back then. Sometimes, saying the most concise thing sends a more powerful message and has more impact than a more extensive and descriptive one.

  6. I love this idea, Kier!

    I also LOVE the bag you got for Christmas – I have been eyeing it up for months but, for some reason, haven’t treated myself to it yet. Luckily I got some H&M gift cards for Christmas so, after reading your post and seeing how gorge it looks with this look, I’m going to pop to the big H&M store in Edinburgh on my lunch break today to see if they have it!

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