Sabbatical in Stripes

My Sabbatical:

Hi Yall! I am SO sorry I took an unannounced sabbatical. I didn’t realize how busy I would be with my closet. On top of that, I have made a major change and am going back to school! I hated school and I never thought I would be going back. But things change. I love doing hair, always have, and I am good at it. Originally, my plan was to go to school for hair right after high school. When I was 18 though, I ended up getting “scouted” by a “manager” in LA and moved there on the belief that he was legit and it was my “big break” or “one opportunity.” That’s another story for another day though.

I realize now that if I had gone to Cosmetology school 10 years ago I would have had a very different life. I probably would never have had to be a server, may not have ever met my ex or many of my friends. When acting fell through, I may never have started my blog… So, I guess everything happens for a reason. But after 10 years, it’s time to go back. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it, right? I want to do it because, well, I want to. But, I also want to have credibility when I talk to you about hair or makeup. When I recommend a product or technique to you, I want to have confidence and knowledge.

On top of that, blogging may not be a forever career. I will get older and I may not always want to talk about myself, lol. I want to have something that is a trade, a skill I can always fall back on. Truly, I wish I had done this 10 years ago. But, there is no point in regretting anything or looking back, so onward we go.

To enroll in Cosmetology I had to finish up a few things personally and get everything in order. I needed some time to do that and unfortunately blogging fall behind a little bit. In the future though, I don’t want it to. I have some amazing plans for Kier Couture and my Youtube channel. I have been working out a shoot/work schedule that I can maintain while still attending school. After a week or so I will know more about my homework load and schedule and be able to fit it all in. So don’t worry! You’re not losing me, you’re going to gain so much in hair and beauty while still getting classy sassy, over the top outfits and entertaining videos! I promise.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, this is just the beginning!

With love and gratitude,


Outfit: Shein. Shoes: Chanel.
Bag: Stella McCartney. Shades: Forever 21.
Hair: Bellami Ash Blonde Custom Lowlighted
Use code kier for $5 off.

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