Live Get Un-Ready with Me

LIVE Get Un-Ready with Me:

Tonight I did my first real Live video on Instagram and I promised a post with all the products.

Please let me know if I forgot anything!

Makeup remover wipes
Makeup eraser 
Boar Bristle brush
Dry Shampoo
No-poo & Conditioner
Makeup Remover/Cleanser
Clarisonic Mia
Reusable Cotton Rounds
Oxygen Serum
Vitamin E Oil
Jojoba Oil
Elemis Collagen Cream
Botox Video & Q&A
Fav Eye Mask
Fav Toothpaste (lasts 3+ months if used as directed)
Email my sister for all things Young Living including my mouthwash and my favorite multitasking spray ever: (Thieves Spray) [email protected]
Ultamate favorite Biotin

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