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Mirrored Phone Case: Zero Gravity. Lip Gloss: Bare Minerals.

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Most LA Fashion blogs seem to have in common that they’re cool in the way that they’re “too cool”.

I go out a lot, and it shocks me sometimes that I seem to be the only “Party girl” of all of the bloggers who live in LA. The only one remotely similar is Hanna Beth who clearly has a different style and whose blog is much older and more known than mine; but Hanna Beth  is also a self proclaimed ‘wild child’ (actually she claims to be the original) and she is the only blogger I’d heard of before I was sucked into the blogger world.. Am I a freak? Do I not fit in because I prefer a body-con dress than an A-Line skirt and button-up, or boyfriend jeans (AKA the least sexy clothing item of all time)? Am I not a legitimate “Fashion Blogger” because my taste is my own, and I prefer to dress sexy for myself?

In an era of bloggers jumping on the bandwagon, all wearing the same Isabel Marant sandals (you all know which I’m talking about) and Chloe Booties and, and writing about whichever brand pays them, I like to think I stay true to my own style. LA Style, in my opinion… Young and wild and free. I’ve caught some flak form my boob job, and my nightlife section, but that’s who I am and I’m not going to apologize for any of it. I moved to LA to be an actress, I hated that industry; I stayed because I love the crazy town, I love the nightlife and the unapologetic sexiness, and the California Girls’ “Daisy Dukes and bikinis on top”, and the stilettos, and the “stars on the sidewalk babe”.

I love many of my fellow fashion bloggers, we all have our own niche, but for some reason I feel like mine is looked upon by some as “not serious” or not as good because I like sexy… I don’t dress for men or for women, I dress for me. The androgynous thing was just never going to work for me.

Maybe it’s time for a new LA Fashion Blog, one that is so LA or, maybe I’m just really tired…

I thought my flight to New York was tonight, but it was last night… at 2pm yesterday we scrambled to get packed.. We arrived at 8am on a red eye flight and wandered around NYC until we could check into our hotel at 3pm (here) I’m exhausted… Sorry if this post is a little all over the place and random…

BTW, this is my hair without extensions, I took out my tape-ins to try Bella Mi clip-ins…. Video coming soon, but I’ll just say, they are the best extensions I’ve ever used! EVER! There are some photos on Instagram if you can’t wait!

With love from Hollywood NEW YORK!!!!!

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  1. I enjoy your posts and style, not all the time but most of the time, but I understand what you are saying. I say be yourself and keep flogging outfits you love that make you happy. Clothing isn’t contagious but passion and happiness sure are, so keep sneezing my way. I love you sister.

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing; especially since you’re doing it for you. The closer one gets to perfection, the more scrutiny they’ll be held under. So enjoy the attention (even the negative) because it means you’re doing something right. Your boobies look beautiful btw. I bet you’re happy! :)

  3. Interesting post, I usually don’t follow a blog because I have the same style as the blogger but mostly because I feel like they are true to themselves (i get the vibe that you are an honest person and I like that). True, a lot of bloggers do not dress sexy but that can only work in your advantage as your are leading in your niche. Personally I have nothing against dressing sexy, but I do love a cute a-line skirt and a button down. I say keep being yourself and if someone doesn’t like it then they can go follow another blogger. Or better yet move to South Florida ;)

  4. i love your style! it being different is what keeps me coming back to your blog. keep at it boo and don’t change for anyone or anything.

    btw. i love your boobs!


  5. “I love the nightlife and the unapologetic sexiness, and the California Girls’ “Daisy Dukes and bikinis on top”, and the stilettos, and the “stars on the sidewalk babe”.

    Well crap – that’s why I love your blog! I think your glamour is real and refreshing, but that’s just me, I love glitz, nightlife, Vegas, sparkle, I love all that by the bucket full! Please keep doing what you’re doing and being you!

  6. Sweety,you just better stay who you are!
    I love your different and sexy style and you better keep it that way!
    I know excactly what you are talking about!
    That it seems you are not being taken seriously when not rocking the latest Celine or Chloe boots.
    It feels like high school all over again!
    It’s sickening!!

    How funny my Californian blogger friend KT from, just posted a similar type of post yesterday and I think you should read it too, or maybe you know her allready for her fabulous authentic style ans have read the post.

    It made me feel better reading that fellow bloggers are noticing what I have noticed for months now too.

    this is the post:

    I think it’s most important that you stay true to yourself!
    I think these bloggers who all wear the same stuff are soooooo boringggggg!

    Thanks for these words Kier!
    I commented on KT’s post yesterday: I use all this to better myself and get better with my own blog
    Don’t focus on anybody just you and your own loyal fans!

    Before I started reading your post,I thought: how amazing does this girl look! hair, your style, body and face!
    So here it is: You look stunning!

    Keep blogging!

    xoxo kisses Tamara Chloé

  7. Your breast look amazing. I’ve been wanting to get a boob job, but been worried they would look to fake. Yours look so natural. I’ve been reading your posts on boob job blog, and it’s very informative. Love your blog btw.

  8. Okay, DANG GIRL. I mean you were already hot, but DANG! I read all of your boob job posts even though I never commented. I think it was brave and good for you to share it, although I personally would never get plastic surgery or believe anyone needs to, I have a good friend who got a boob job and lip injections. I loved her the way she was, but its what made her happy and you know what? She is happier and that’s all that matters to me! So good for you!

    I think you represent more of what LA is, at least in my mind… the party scene, etc.! And girl, I LOVE this bodycon dress on you. If I could live in bodycon dresses I would! I actually felt really nervous posting an outfit of a bodycon dress I wore in Vegas because a lot of bloggers don’t dress sexy, or at least don’t share when they do dress sexy. So anyway, stick to your guns and be true to yourself and your style! I think it is great!

  9. OMG I just discovered ur blog and u look STUNNING! Out of this world!! Everything looks good: the dress, your shape, your hair, your boobs, the heels- just EVERYTHING!! U look sexy as **** and u should stay sexy!! x x x xx

  10. Ahhhh someone feel my pain. This is my first time on your blog and I’ve only seen the first page and I’m loving it so far. You’re sexy and you don’t apologize which I love and admire. When I first started blogging, I had so many “big” bloggers on my feed but as time goes on, many has been dropped. I mean they all started looking the same, I can’t even figure out who is who anymore. lol…..and I HATE those damn Isabel sandals, zara skorts, Chloe booties and whatever style that enabled blogger chain reaction!! lol. Anyhow, you look gorgeous, love to read these sorts of posts and keep staying beautiful, wild and free! xoxo – KTR

  11. Kier you are so sweet.
    I love that you are staying true to YOU! I can relate on some levels. I don’t think my blog/style is taken too seriously either…maybe because my style is a little pinup and I’m gay. But in the end, we need to be happy with ourselves even if we don’t fit in with every crowd. Keep on doing what you do Kier. Although we have different styles – I love your blog because you’re real and sweet…and that’s tough to come by sometimes. Major props to you.
    hope to see you again soon.

  12. I don’t think you should feel bad about what you wear, what you want to do, and who you really are. This is what live is about…about being yourself. And you look awesome in sexy dresses! so stay positive and ignore the negative people. The night scene in LA is pretty fun so why not party? while we are young and pretty
    P.S. I love LA ;)

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