Ja Vie Flats Review, The Silver Lining..

Ja-Vie-Flats-4Hi y’all, today I am actually really excited to share with you these flats by Ja Vie. I’ve shared my issue with most flats here before but these are very different than any I’ve ever tried. The thing that makes Ja Vie so different is that the insoles are leather and velcro out to make the flats machine washable, the lining is cotton which is breathable and blister free and the outsole is jelly which is lightweight and flexible. Ja Vie flats come in 20 color styles and they offer arch support, heel shock absorbers and support on the ball of one’s foot, which is where I generally get pain.

The Ja Vie Story: 

“Natalie and Eric are high school sweethearts,who have been together for over 18 years.  When pregnant with the couples’ first child, Natalie had a very difficult delivery and could not walk for several months due to severe pelvic bone separation. She was literally walking in pain for months. It was during this time that she and Eric saw the opportunity to make pretty, comfortable flats using socks!! “I couldn’t find pretty flats that were comfortable enough to wear day in and day out” Natalie said. Being a fashion girl, she didn’t want to sacrifice looks for comfort.”

These two thought of EVERYTHING, these flats are definitely worth trying if you have feet issues, are pregnant, or are just looking for a superior flat. I HIGHLY recommend.

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Shop the look: 

Sequin tank: Arden B, very old. Button Down: American Apparel. Jeans: H&M. Flats: Ja Vie c/o.
Bag: Forever 21. Shades: Marc Jacobs. Earrings: unknown.


Ja-Vie-Flats-1 Ja-Vie-Flats-2 Ja-Vie-Flats-3 Ja-Vie-Flats--featured Ja-Vie-Flats-5 Ja-Vie-Flats-6 Ja-Vie-Flats-7 Ja-Vie-Flats-8










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  1. I wear these! I have the cream colored ones! They are amazing (especially after foot surgery). . .undercover grandma shoes. I can’t wear heels anymore (atleast for another year) so i’m trying to get creative with my flat shoe game.


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