Onch Movement and Hello Kitty Forever 21 Party

Hello-Kitty-ForeverHello-Kitty-ForeverHello-Kitty-ForeverOnch Movement

Peter Pan Collar top: Forever 21, Pink Pleather Skirt: Naven- also seen here,
Boots: Jessica Simpson, Tights: Forever 21, Bracelets: Assorted with Onch Movement Pretzel Charm (C/O)
Necklace: Hello Kitty Forever 21, Headband: Unknown, Fur: Vintage,  Watch: Fossil,
Manicure: Complimentary at the event

Onch Movement and Hello Kitty Forever 21 Party

I went to the Hello Kitty Forever 21 party last week and it was so much fun. My friend Onch designed the jewelry for the collaboration, which is mostly sold out online already! My favorite piece is the Hello Kitty and Onch Movement Pretzel Bow Necklace.. The event was slammed, but I got everything I wanted before it sold out thanks to being on Onch’s list. The Jewelry was fabulous, and I am just so proud of Onch, this is huge! You can see my favorite pieces from Onch’s collection, my new F21 polkadot tights, me wearing my pearls, and my Forever 21 manicure in my instagram collage above. If you don’t follow me on instagram you can find me by searching @kiermellour or cliccking the instagram button in the “Addicted?” section on the upper right corner of this page. Hope you all had a marvelous weekend and thanksgiving!

I am crazy busy right now taking an impromptu trip to Portland, OR while simultaneously planning an amazing event. I’ll try to post again asap tho!

With love from Hollywood,



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