Grove(r) ~ Blue Suede Shoes at the Grove

It’s My Birthday!!!
Shirt: Thrifted, also seen here, Skirt: La Roc, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: J. Crew,
Shades: Tiffany & Co. , Earrings: Swarovski.
I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than The Grove on my birthday, so thats exactly where Roger and I went :) I needed to pick up some great shoes for my birthday suit ;) so we went to Zara, since I am all the sudden obsessed with their shoes.. anyway, I also Picked up and very cool Laura Mercier makeup Palate which I’ll be doing a little review on soon!
It’s Grover because I’m at the Grove and wearing blue! ( I know you guys love it when I explain my jokes right? hahaha.)
But what was in the Zara Bag???
 Fabulous Birthday Shoes: Zara
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