Going from Black to Blonde hair.

Going from black to blonde hair…

The above photos were of me at age 10, and age 20, right after I began box coloring my own hair. At this point it was still a deep brown, but after a few years it became more of a black/brown. I used Clairol Perfect 10 in ‘Dark Brown’. I left mine on for 25-30 mints each time instead of the recommended 10 minutes because my light hair wouldn’t hold the color very well. That worked when I was raven-haired, but on the journey back to blonde it’s become a major problem. You can see my light roots in a couple of the pictures below. If you know anything about hair color, my natural color is at about a level 8. This post will show you step by step the process of going from black to blonde hair, with the help of an amazing colorist.

Kier MellourKier MellourKier Mellour

Step 1. I stopped coloring my roots about two months before I started my lift and I also began using Head and Shoulders which is very harsh on hair color- using a “clarifying” shampoo also helps to strip away the color. I tried using my Head and Shoulders with Vitamin C crystals as I read on the internet that it would strip out the box color dramatically, but that didn’t work for me. It did work for a friend of mine who only colored her hair dark once, but mine I think was just too set in. My hair stylist and I needed to see how the hair would react so she laid in a very subtle highlight focussing on the ends. She needed to pull some of the color all the way through so she could see how the hair in different lengths would react. She also touched up my very light roots with a semi-permanent brown that would fade. She did this so the line of demarkation wouldn’t be so obvious and would subtly bend and would be easy to lift out later. My hairstylist is Garidey at J. Beverly Hills on Wilshire, 310.246.8080 ($75 for a haircut) she’s amazing. You can read my testimony all about her by clicking here.

Kier MellourKier MellourKier Mellour

Step 2. We added more highlights and ombre’d the entire bottom. This step obviously left me pretty brassy, but it needed to be done to gradually take my hair lighter. We toned it as much as we could and I made an appointment for the following week as to not spend too much time in this stage.. You can see there are still some very black parts. The first images below were taken the day of the color, and the second set was taken 6 days later, you can see how the color settled and blended within about a weeks time it looked much better.

Kier MellourKier MellourKier Mellour

Step 3. We did a full highlight and tone. Finally getting there, and being able to consider myself a blonde I was much happier! You can still see some black sections, but the ends lightened up considerably and the hair was starting to blend and not look like it was in the middle of a process, but like an actual style. (Keep in mind I was using Shimmering Lights Purple conditioner for 5 minutes between washing and conditioning regularly to tone out the brassiness as much as I could)

Kier MellourKier MellourKier Mellour

Step: 4. We did another full highlight starting about an inch to an inch and a half down because my roots were susceptible to lightening much higher than the rest of my color treated hair. Garidey also focused on lightening opposite strands than lightened in the previous highlight. Once the foils were in she baliaged the ends adding bleach where it was needed. She then did a tone and deep condition..

Kier MellourKier MellourKier Mellour

Step 5. I go in for my next highlight on Saturday so look for pictures next week! If you’re very impatient make sure you follow me on instagram @KierMellour for live updates!  ;)

P.S. I have naturally very curly hair (It began to curl at age 14) so having long blonde curls will be very fun! I imagine it’ll look similar to Shakira’s hair.. and I’m so excited!! I’ve also just begun using Virgin Coconut oil as a hot oil treatment on my hair twice a week and massaging it into my scalp as I’ve read that it can help to grow your hair faster as well as keep it healthy and protected. Apparently it unclogs hair follicles, kills bacteria and increases circulation all contributing to faster growing hair- we shall see, right?!

With love from Hollywood,

 *Disclamer: I’m not a hair professional. These statements are speculation and some knowledge picked up by experience with my own hair and my conversations with my stylist.*

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  1. It is SO perfect that you posted this today because I too have dyed my hair black (I’m naturally a medium brunette) and spent about an hour yesterday (literally) googling how to get the black dye out of my hair. You have PERECT timing with this post :)! I am also sick of having to dye my hair every two or so weeks and am ready to have my natural color back as soon as possible!

    Thanks for the tips :)


  2. This has been quite the transformation! You look beautiful as both, heck I even liked your blonde with pink tips remember that?

  3. I like both hair colors a lot, but since I just started reading your blog- I saw you as a blonde first! Naysayers can bug off with their unsolicited opinions :) Anyway- I use coconut oil as a treatment as well. I love it- but I find that the leave-in oil I use is just as important to repairing damage and keeping my hair manageable. I don’t know what leave-in conditioner you use- but try the Acure Organic Argan Oil they sell at Whole Foods. You only need about 3-4 drops for your whole head, and it protects it during heat styling too :) http://www.acureorganics.com/Argan-Oil-p/023.htm

  4. Oh you look amazing! I basically had the same hair color as u did as a child but later died it black when I studied in Japan (couldn’t handle the attention anymore I guess lol)….had the same ol black hair ever since (bout eight years now) and desperately need some change…the bangs I got last year helped but now I just need sth totally different…
    I’m getting married by the end of the month and figured it would b pretty to have my hair black for it, but as soon as the weddings over I wanna get it back to blonde and while I’m at it (and I guess all the coloring will completely destroy my hair) just get a bob cut on top of it all…my hairdresser has a plan on how to get me a brighter color but it kind of sounded like it will be a 6 to 12 months process goin to dark brown first and then slowly brighter again…did it take long for you to change your color and did your stylist use any special products or techniques? Would love to hear from u! Greetings from Lebanon!

  5. I just started my process of removing black yesterday and I’m definitely not thrilled about the results so far, but this blog post gives me a lot of hope! I will be sending it to my hair stylist! Thank you!

  6. i am a natural deep brunette- but my annoying roots are steely white- cause I’m mid-life. been keeping my hair black and using mascara on week two and self dying roots week three , mascara week four and salon roots on week six. feel like all my energy goes to roots just bc I look like I’m 20’years younger than I am and EVERYONE says I should keep up the charade- Made an appt Tuesday to end this. Going in requesting a kind of shakira makeover so my grey is masked by blondish highlights. essentially black to dark blond- but I don’t want to do it gradually- I want to walk in black and walk out entirely changed. What do you think? And thanks for sharing your journey!!! It really helped me visualize the process. one of the hairdressers at the salon told me to be patient and it would take 5 – 6 months- like you – not interested. i want it done now. btw all your colors look smashing !!! you pull them all off but as blond you exude more strength— perhaps cause of how you feel as a blonde….. thanks, again!

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