Cobalt Blue Sweater

Fox Fur Collar

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Cobalt Blue Sweater: Vintage, Cream Blouse: Kirna Zabete for Target, Jeans: Goldsign,
Belt: Vintage, Fox Fur collar: Vintage, Shoes: Kimichi Blue (old), Bag: J.Crew Biennial Satchel,
Bracelet: Forever 21 (old),  Hoop Earrings: Macy’s, Shades: Tiffany & Co.

Cobalt Blue Sweater

 I got this cobalt blue sweater and the fur collar at The Goodwill last year. I actually had no intention of wearing them together but I’ve been getting creative with this stole recently. It’s such an amazing piece that I can wear in so many different ways. The sweater is perfectly oversized and comfy, and adds a little brightness to the gloomy days of winter. I lvoe the sweater, but the collar, which I can pin onto any jacket, top or sweater is one of my favorite things- I even pin the ends together and make it a shawl, and when I want to take it off but not loose it, I just slide it down and make it a little fur skirt like I did in the second to last photo from this post.

I’m getting very excited for Christmas this year! Roger and I are going to Florida so I’ll get to have a somewhat tropical vacation, which will be so nice. I’ve done about half of my christmas shopping, but I have a lot more to go, what about you guys?

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With love from Hollywood,

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  1. So, as much as I usualy dislike fur..I have to say i always love the way you wear it! This outfit looks amazing on you from head to toe, and I love how you show the versatilitie of things, such as the fur shawl, because I never would have thought f it as anything but a formal peice! Anyway, once again an awesome post that inspires me to be more out of the box with my own fashion! :)

    1. Kassy,
      Thanks so much for your positivity and for your support! I love that I’ve inspired you somehow!!

      But on another note:
      I don’t buy new fur- I know it’s not much better, but I guess I just feel like if I bought new fur I know for a fact that that particular animal died specifically so that I could wear said article- I could never live with that. Vintage fur is already there, It’s not in support of the continued fur practices and the people still doing it aren’t profiting, The Goodwill is, which is a huge nonprofit organization that helps millions of people every year. And I guess I also see it as a piece of fashion history- I’ve always collected and loved vintage pieces (cameras, lamps, ashtrays) so of course I’m drawn to vintage clothing, fabulous furs included, for all their suffering, they deserve to be appreciated. (I don’t know if that sounds morbid or clever- yikes!!) Lastly, a vegan told me that even tho it’s vintage, that I’m glamorizing fur and that in itself is in support of continued furriers, All I can say, is that I recommend, and plea my fur lovers go vintage- it the better alternative. (Is it better to wear new fur and let them profit? or only buy vintage? because telling most to quit fur cold turkey is not going to happen)

      Thanks as usual for reading, and commenting! sorry for the rant!! lol <3

  2. Dear Kier!

    Love the idea of connection of cobalt and fur! Looks really fabulous! ;)

    Who’s the winner of you Naked Zebra giveaway?

  3. Looks amazing! That combination is genius, it’s a pity that if I wanted to wear that in London I should have at least 2 sweaters and still I dare say I would be freezing!

    Thanks for your comment, I am now following back on Bloglovin!

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