Checking in & Konmari Sock Folding

Some of my favorite organizational items:
UPDATE 9/13/17:

This is quite an old post so I wanted to update you all with my current drawer situation and let you know I have been keeping it like this for about 2 years!

Top Drawer is my bras, I’d like to get this bra organizer to improve this section.

The Second Drawer is booty shorts, underwear, and socks with thick pairs and tights in the back section.

The Third Drawer is sweats and pajamas.

The Fourth Drawer is all workout sets. I fold the matching top into the leggings or shorts so I only have to grab one “bundle” and they’re always together. This is super helpful for early morning sweat sessions- the less I have to think the better!

The Last drawer is my shorts on the left and school clothes on the right- I need to organize the school clothes but since everything is black I just kind of pile them in and grab whatever- it’s mainly black leggings and black t-shirts… I will soon fold leggings and t-shirts in their own rows.

My full closet reveal will be coming soon but in the meantime, I hope this is helpful!

Konmari folding and drawer organization
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Konmari Sock Folding:

So I am about 50% maybe close to 60% done “tidying up” my closet. I have finished all my tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, socks and swimsuits.. next is underwear, scarves, belts, bags, and shoes. I am kind of dreading scarves because I have a lot and because I love scarves… I used to wear them often but I have way too many now to see what I have, and they’re stored in my old closet. To go into my old closet specifically for a scarf is just inconvenient and because I don’t see them daily, I don’t get any inspiration from them.

I shared one of the main reasons for wanting to put my house “in order” in my previous post. I mentioned that want to keep a clean house as a personal achievement and lifestyle change before I feel comfortable bringing children into this world. But I also have found blogging to have lost some spark, and not because I don’t like it, I love it, but because my environment isn’t inspiring, I can’t see what I own, and getting packages in the mail is more stressful than joyful. I want to put together creative, unexpected outfits, I want to dress how I used to dress before I was a blogger.

Fashion blogging is an interesting progression, you start (or at least I did) because you have a unique style, and people are always asking where you got something, or for style advice. There is evidence you are a little more stylish than the average girl, but as soon as you start getting packages of things that you wouldn’t spend your hard earned money on, you just start wearing things because you feel bad, you need new content, etc. and then it changes.

I used to love that I wore things often, I still do, but I was never afraid of wearing my favorite piece over and over in a kind of challenge, like, “how many different ways can I style this?” part of this was because it was mandatory. I grew up poor so I had to get creative in ways to make old pieces look new. This is probably what I owe my style to. I was poor but people never saw me wear the same outfit twice, I always changed something, the bag, the shoes, something. Somewhere down the line of packages in the mail, I have lost some of my creativity and I desperately want it back.

At this point, there are so many bloggers who are basic and boring and completely uninspiring and I don’t want to be that. You deserve better and what is the point, honestly?

The Konmari method is essentially holding everything you own, one by one, in your hands and asking yourself if it sparks joy. “Do I feel a thrill of pleasure” when I pick something up? if not, I am to thank it for its roll in my life and send it on its way with gratitude. So far, I am already happier, I am back at the gym, I am feeling inspired again, I have been dreaming of outfits that are some of my best, and I can’t wait to get back into blogging full time.

Since I can feel the change within me and I truly desire to get back to work, it is my reward. Blogging is my incentive to finish my house and you are all my witnesses holding me accountable.

I wanted to share my progress and let you know I’ll be back soon! The image attached is my sock drawer and the Konmari sock folding method. (The point is to fold everything vertically and stack nothing, so you can see everything you own at a glance.) I actually only got rid of 3 pairs of socks but this way of folding has saved me so much room!

Thank you for your patience and for reading today!

With love from Hollywood,

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  1. Good for you for making these changes in your life! Very inspiring :) I am totally going to do this to my sock drawer, it’s overflowing and can use some attention!


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