Casual night at Goal ~ Matching Bra and Shoes

T shirt: Zara, Black Skinny Jeans: French Connection, Bra: Rampage, Shoes: Zara,
Leather Jacket: Robin’s Jean, Bag: Kate Spade
I was so tired from last night’s adventures that I needed a nap, but come 9:30, Roger and I were due at Goal, a trendy little upscale sports bar on 3rd Street. So, at about 9:15, I rolled off the couch and put this little outfit together. Goal isn’t the kind of place you get really dressed up for, it much more of a¬†Jeans and a T shirt kind of spot,¬†but I always like to add a little sex appeal and sass. I love this new T-shirt from Zara, but it’s too sheer to wear without a bra, and the back is cut out, so any bra you wear is going to show, meaning a basic bra just won’t cut it.. since I had these pink shoes handy, I thought this little polka dot bra seamed like a great match!
How do you dress up Jeans and a T shirt? Do you ever let your undergarments show intentionally? 
xoxo Kier
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  1. hi x i love ur look . this is what really like xx the shoes r amazing,gives a lot of sex appeal;)llooks so fab with that nail polish and tatoo xxxi like when you can see the bra xxx hugs