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Recently Canyon Beachwear approached me to review their company and I was at first, unfamiliar with them… “Okay, it’s a swimwear shop, big deal” is the type of thought that passed through my mind… but I’m not (yet) the type of person who travels yearround just jet setting to the Caribbean, St. Tropez, Ibiza, and French Polynesia (someday please)… however some people are.. and yet I remember a trip I took at 13 years old to Hawaii with my family and couldn’t find beach/swimwear anywhere- not at PacSun at the mall, not at Macy*s, not at Nordstrom, not at Hollister or A&F, and not at any of the usual suspects, including all the “bikini shops” downtown in the city in which I lived… I found so little that I didn’t buy anything and instead decided to buy something in Hawaii (something way over priced and not even worth it!)… So, when I thought a little more about Canyon Beachwear, and I visited their stores, I realized that, not only do they offer swimwear all year round, but they also offer a vast selection of cover-ups, sandals, towels, beach bags, etc… and on top of that, each location ( Santa Monica, Palm Springs, Malibu, Las Vegas, Maui, Studio City, Culver City, San Fancisco, San Jose, NYC) …carries all the best brands- I’m wearing Vitamin A, but they also carry some of the longest lasting, American made, and most flattering pieces I’ve seen on the swimwear market today.

Whether it’s summer or any other season, Canyon Beachwear has what you need (including Vitamin A Swimwear) and the staff to help provide it and ensure a sexy and perfect fit!

Thanks so much for reading, More giveaway items tomorrow…

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With love from Hollywood,


Location is the Saguaro Palm Springs.

Bikini: Vitamin A Swimwear┬ác/o Canyon Beachwear. Shorts: Levi’s.
Shoes: MIA. Hat: Mandalay Bay Giftshop.

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