Be Right Back!

Hey y’all! I am taking a much needed vac a from the blog- I didn’t get the giveaway photos done before I left for the desert and please don’t be mad, but I’m going to be relaxing until Thursday!!! So please be patient, and I promise it will be worth the wait! when I return you will have a huge giveaway worth close to $500, Coachella pics, desert pics, and a couple more photos from the wedding in Texas… The sneak peek of the giveaway is on Instagram @kiermellour and you can keep up with me there until I return! (maybe thursday, maybe friday!)  I hope you like this photo and hopefully It hold you over!

Thanks for everything, especially the Birthday wishes- you guys rock!!

Please enter my giveaway to win a gift bag worth close to $500!

With love from Hollywood Palm Springs,

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